Thursday, August 30, 2012

first tram ride

after a lovely lunch (little bb got quite a few freebies from the nice waiter and waitress!) 
with my lovely friend,
i took little bb for his first ever tram ride!!!

i have been telling him about the tram
and the "ding ding" sound it makes...

in the morning, when we were all set to go out for lunch,
he said "cham?"
"yes yes, mami will be taking you to ride the ding ding tram"
and he was very happy.

when he saw the tram coming at the station,
he stood still and looked very anxious and curious.
i saw him looking at the tram and looking at the double decker bus
next to the tram,
i think he must think the two look so much alike but why one is called a tram and one is called a bus.
so i explained to him that the tram runs on a rail, etc.
not sure how much he understood but hey, worth a try!

we got on the tram and were lucky enough to find a seat.
while little bb sat on my nap, we passed through streets,
felt the breeze through our hair and face,
every time a tram passed by, little bb got excited and pointed at it saying "cham".
not long, little bb fell asleep.
with the breeze, the steady movement of the "cham",
i would have fallen asleep too!

i loved riding the "cham" with you....
i loved the breeze through our hair
i loved smelling your hair
i loved you lying on my chest to nap.....

we got off somewhere in cwb as i wanted to check out the new cath kidston store.

with little bb still napping in my arms,
i went to a local style cafe which i have wanted to go back since my first visit.

i had the set which came with scrambled eggs with toast, local style spaghetti in soup and an iced tea.


i waited for little bb to wake up... 
honestly, my left arm was tired and painful from holding him
but i felt like the happiest and luckiest person with him in my arms....

when he woke up,
it was time for mami to do some shopping at the cath kidston store!

there were quite a few things i liked but i couldn't bring them home as they would be too heavy
while i have little bb.
so i decided to just get the swimming robe....
i told little bb that it is to be put on after swimming so that he won't feel cold....
as soon as he heard the word "swim"
he eyes shined and kept saying "sim sim sim" to every one he saw in the shop.

we will go swimming!

in the mtr to central

treat for mami ~ yummy scrambled eggs!

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