Monday, September 3, 2012

and it begins

today is the first day of "real" school for little bb.

the past three weeks were called the "settling in" period.
school hours were shorter, children could be accompanied by an adult, etc.

but today, 
it's the real thing.

school hours are longer,
no longer can be accompanied by an adult,
and for little bb,
it also means getting to school by school bus!

in the end, we have decided that little bb is too small to get on and off the bus by himself.
so our nanny rides the school bus together with him, sees him into the classroom and leaves.
hopefully, this can stop after a couple weeks.... and that little bb can do it all by himself.

we have been prepping him by telling him about the school bus, how it is like the ones he sees in bb videos, etc.

he was one happy little body while we waited for the school bus to come.

jumping up and down, humming songs to himself.
when the school bus arrived, he got on without knowing what it was really about.
as soon as the bus door closed, i saw him started crying and crying "ma mi".......
and off the school bus went.
i felt sour....  seeing him cry and not being next to him.......

hours passed by,
and it was time to greet our little bb home.
we waited anxiously for the bus to appear.......
and when it did,
we saw a sleepy head.....

our nanny told me that as soon as she picked little bb up at the classroom,
he asked for me.....
.....  sorry little bb, i wasn't there to greet you.......
i could but i think it's for the better that you get used to the routine sooner....

while i was waiting for little bb to come home from school,
i started making notes of little thoughts and things.....
which i will be keeping them in a jar... 
which we can read and reminiscent the sweet times together when you are older.

at the background,
it was everything but the girl..... 

plus brownie running back and forth playing fetch with his beloved moon....
as seen lying behind the typewriter.

and thanks so much again for the typewriter, claudia!
i finally find the perfect reason to use it!


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Aw, that must have been really hard! I think it's the wisest thing too though, it's tough at first, but he'll get used to it a lot sooner. Before you know it you'll be awaiting a smiling boy at home;)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I really really love that jar idea! And I'm guessing it'll look even better than I'm imagining now, as all you make is so pretty<3

aileen ♥ motu said...

thx thx.... and i have the perfect jar in mind to keep these little notes... will show it here later!!!

today is my first day of work after my break.... didn't get to say goodbye to little bb as he was still sleeping when i left the house... and when i got home he was sleeping already.... =(