Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 S blankie #1

late arrival of 2012 mami's summer blankie collection

style no.1

made with polka dot organic cotton
doubled up mini pom pom trimmings 
in cream and blue

+ little "invention" by dadi:
little bb refuses to use sleeping bags and always kicks off his blankets....
to get around,
dadi came up with this "brilliant" idea of
wrapping mami-made summer blankie round his little body,
then used a piece of ribbon/string to tie a knot.

dadi's theory: the most important part of the body = tummy!
as long as tummy is kept warm, won't catch cold.

version 1.0 was simply a small piece of biased tape.
version 1.2 was another biased tape.

the new and improved version 2.0
is mami-made!
adjustment with the snap buttons.

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