Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a squirrel party

it was too lonely
so i made a companion for it

in the form of a summer blanket....

oh and one more
three will make a party!

and this will be the last summer blanket made this year...
next one made will be one for winter.


i have to bring work back home tonight.....
really didn't want this to happen
but there is just too much work


please check out the lovely labels of comehome* here

Monday, September 24, 2012

his house

seeing my goddaughter and godson having so much fun with the little tent i got for them years ago,
i got one for little bb as well (i would have definitely go for purple color if i had a girl)....
the best thing about it is that it is foldable and easy to put away....
while still being big enough to house one toddler, one big person and one doggie (or maybe two if they promise to sit still).

took the tent out again over the weekend
so that we can play inside and out.

"hou s"  "hou s"  Hou s
that's what little bb calls it.

and little bb built his tallest ever tower!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

yuzu honey

lovely afternoon today....
while joanna and i were busy cutting the chiffon cake
and packing them,
the kids were having fun by themselves
and the husbands were busy chatting away...

it's a pity that salina wasn't able to join today...
surely we will join as a full team again for more comehome* fun!

i feel kinda bad as the baking was not done by me at all!
as if i am taking credit!
i just wish i could bake as well as joanna and salina....

photo credit of the photo above goes to joanna....

the yuzu honey chiffon cake, comehome* first ever project, was simply delicious!!!!!
it was gone in no time!

Friday, September 21, 2012

my diva

got my copy of sandy's latest album today!!!!

after all these years of waiting for her next album!!!!!

frankly, i did have a bit of reservation as the style is very different from her previous....

but nope,

not a single bit of reservation as soon as the second track was spinning....

what can i say?  amazing work!

this is yet another milestone she has achieved....
into a space she hasn't been before,
and bringing us into this unbelieveably dreamy and heavenly poetic space with her....

sandy, you are amazing!

thank you for delivering such great music to us!


your voice is as soothing as ever........

my favorite favorite album of all times is *wildflower*....
i think this newly released one can very well be my 2nd fave fave one,
i can see this new one becoming my no.1!
i need to indulge myself into her world and voice......
to taste the tracks a bit more
before i can do the ranking in my head.... =)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

tram ride

"remember the tram?  ding ding ding?
you want to ride again?"


"cham  cham cham"

ok!  tram, here we came!
a few sundays ago,
we took the mtr to wanchai
then got on a tram heading towards central.....

this round, with somotu around,
we went to the upper deck of the tram and lucky us!
we got the front seats!

little bb went through wanchai, admiralty, then central
while sitting on dadi's nap.

he was very very excited whenever another tram came in the opposite direction...
we waved at the people in the other trams, and said "HA LO"...

got off at central
walked around a bit

then took the star ferry back home....
as the sun was getting ready to go off duty

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the XX squirrel

we love squirrel!

i drew the squirrel on the polka dot felt with reference to the bookstand in little bb's room.
threw in a few balloons
and did some stitches....

i don't know about little bb
but i am loving this bib!


the wait is over!!!
on the way to lunch today,
i spotted the too-difficult-to-miss-big-X on the rack of the music store....
immediately grabbed a copy
am now enjoying it!


this is my 3rd week with the new firm
my day is going by faster by day
before i knew it, it's almost the end of the day every day!
my working hours are getting longer by day
my time spent with little bb got cut shorter and shorter
some days,
i hardly have time to get and eat lunch....
most days,
back to back meetings....

when i look at the mirror
i see nothing but eye bags and dark circles re-appearing....

Monday, September 17, 2012

this & that

coffee cups from my recent favorite lunch place...

our "new" shoes

messing up mami's drawing
his recent favorite word and object, "ANT"

freshly baked green tea latte cake.....

Saturday, September 15, 2012


went to a place we haven't been to before,
didn't have much expectation
but it turned out to be quite fun (for little bb)...

it's the lake egret nature park....

we got there quite early so the place wasn't crowded yet
quite a tranquil environment

we wanted to row these cute little boats with little bb
but he didn't meet the minimum height requirement
and so little bb was told by one of the staff,
"you eat more so that you will grow taller faster"

and there is a little white house in the middle of the lake....
read on a sign that it offers "romantic dinner just for two"
seems like could really be romantic...
imagine, just the two
in the middle of a lake 
with lights sparsely lit along the lake...

and the highlight of our little trip
meeting and feeding the goats!
big ones
small ones
petite ones

little bb did quite well in the first round of feeding
he fed the goats and giggled

we don't know what happened,
but he suddenly became scared the second round of feeding
he just wanted to watch mami feed the goats....

at least,
he now knows what kind of sound goats make!

this is the sound he keeps making for the rest of the day.

bye bye goats
see you next time!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012