Monday, August 27, 2012

the weekend

time again to jot down things we did before i forget
(yes, my memory card space is running realleee low)

after attending little bb's playgroup,
we met up with somotu's friend and checked out show flats of a new estate.
it's little bb's first time seeing so many different apartments in one place.
he was really excited and kept saying "wah!!!!'
and pointing at the furnitures....
amongst all things, he seemed to be particularly interested at the bathrooms (with a big "WAH!!!")!

as for me,
i loved the children's corner at the "sit down and sign your life away purchase agreement" section.

petite designer chairs!!!!
i wish i could bring them home!

after lunch (we sat down and ordered tons of dim sum,
before realizing somotu's friends have already gotten another table
and have also ordered tons of dim sum!),
we went to a show,
in fact, little bb's first ever show!

i was expecting that we would need to leave in no more than 1/2 hour.
it was dark and loud....  didn't think little bb could last the entire show.

but out of our expectation,
he sat still and did enjoy the show throughout.
he was especially excited when the mickey and minnie threw big bouncing balls
from the stage to the audience.

at the same venue of the show,
there was a big gathering for cosplay.
right after the show ended, we went out to find him/them...
spotted two of him and they were kind enough to take pictures with us...
mami was excited,
little bb was a bit going like "what's going on??????"

was family gathering throughout the whole day.

almost forgot we did one more thing on sunday...
we made a quick trip to the museum of history
to tour the exhibit of china's terracotta warriors and horses.

little bb was interested at the multi-media zone which he had interactive experience with the warriors and war carriers.....

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