Monday, August 6, 2012

the final week

the last week in central....

in this area,
i have spent all my working years
i have spent days and nights 
i have shed tears over work
i have been angry over work
i have been happy over my accomplishments
i have seen the sun rise
i have made friends (and good ones)
i have given my best
i have good memories
i have fond memories

as the days are counting down,
i am already missing this area

i will miss
+ my friends
+ getting off the same stop together with somotu
+ lunch gatherings
+ my standard mocha from cova
+ my iced mocha from LGB
+ olivers and all those chips and snacks
+ bumps to babes
+ the 3rd floor of prince's building
+ my fave shoe shop on on lan street
+ IFC and city super
+ the book shops
+ the cake supplies and paper art shops
(so much i can think of for now, i am sure there are more i can think of)

i think i made it sounds like i am moving far far away from central....
when in fact,
i will be just one stop away....

yes i know, it's not that far away....

but i feel far....

the color addict side of me:

hope i will find good things about the new place and work 

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