Tuesday, August 21, 2012

play date

both mami and little bb were very happy today.

little bb got a play date
mami got to check out the latest most talked about place
plus THE bookstore!

our day started with a MTR ride,
then met up billie and siu B at the children's corner of the bookstore.

i am impressed with the children's corner.
although we weren't able to check out much (as you can imagine being in a bookshop with two toddlers....),
i spotted quite a good collection of children books.
will definitely be going back with little bb soon.

we then walked over to the victoria park
where the two little ones walked, ran around.
of course, the main attraction is the playground.

running, sliding, jumping, climbing, driving....


i gave the wand to little bb, didn't think he would be able to blow bubbles by himself...
but after some practising, he was!!!

he was very excited and kept trying and blowing bubbles.....
sometimes none came out,
sometimes just one,
sometimes a strand of bubbles!

well done!

when the mommies were hungry,
time for lunch!

went to a cozy little cafe for lunch,
not long, little bb fell asleep in my nap.....
ahhh!!!  that's when i could have a decent and proper lunch!

some more running around, shopping (for mami!),
and we wrapped up the day with 'ga ga go' (eat ice-cream)!

extremely tired but happy ^_^

....  a coffee place which mami wants to try out next time!

....  some more blowing bubbles at home tonight.....
little bb loves this video.....


amy said...

what a coincidence. we went to the eslite bookshop today too.

and the video is really quite entertaining (to toddlers). :)

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh wow!!!!!! let's try to meet up there!! ^_^