Monday, August 20, 2012

one lovely sunday + one exciting monday

we had a very lovely and happy sunday afternoon

joined joanna and salina for home baking...
while the girls were having fun in the kitchen
the kids were having just as much fun in the living room....
and many thanks to uncle chow for accompanying the kids!

more here.


monday today!
school today!
separation beings today!

i wasn't sure if i wanted to start the separation today.
partly i wasn't sure if little bb could be by himself for two hours of school,
partly because i enjoyed very much being in the same classroom as little bb.

but seeing most mothers saying to the class teachers they would be doing separation,
i said yes.
they are right, the earlier the better....
sooner or later, little bb has to deal with things himself...
and sooner is better.

so as soon as class began,
i said bye bye to little bb,
we mothers slowly progressed to the nearby classroom.

5 mins,
10 mins,
20 mins went by
the teachers did not come to our room.  
a good sign.

some 30+ mins later,
one of the teachers came into the room,
looked at me and said,
"as soon as you left the classroom, he started looking for you and crying for you....
but don't worry, we got it under control.  we are able to soothe him by assigning tasks to him,
we asked him to help teacher throw things to the rubbish bin,
he did (while crying)....
we asked him to help teacher put away the pencil,
he did (while sobbing)...
so he is alright... don't worry"

every now and then,
we mothers heard screaming, crying, yelling outside.....
some of us would rush to the window to peek outside....

am very glad that i got company from other mothers
so that the 2 hours didn't seem toooo long.

when the clock struck 3,
all mothers jumped up....
ready to dash out to greet the little ones.

we lined up outside the classroom,
waiting to pick up our little ones.

i peeked through the window,
and saw one sleepy little head.

i asked the teachers again about little bb and how was he doing in class,
he did cry but was manageable....
and his little classmate was trying to strike a conversation with him!
with replies from little bb that sounded like language from the outer space!

well done little bb!!!

on our way back home,
the tired little one fell sound asleep in my arms.


Anonymous said...

Oh Uncle Chow enjoyed very much playing with Andre too! We still talked about him these days and we liked him sooooo much!!!

aileen ♥ motu said...

^_^ uncle and auntie chow are too kind and patient with little bb!!!!!