Friday, August 10, 2012

my last and his first

a bit of an emotional day for me today

my last day of work at a building where i have spent the past 10+ years
the first day of school for little bb

i didn't expect this reaction,
but my eyes were a bit teary when i was sitting on a tiny chair,
watching little bb, from a distance, interacting with other little ones in the class room.
time really flies...
it seems only yesterday he was a baby
and today, he is one step closer to becoming a big boy... 
learning to become independent,
one step closer to the real world which is awaiting him.

after school,
we brought him to my office to accompany me to bid farewell to my colleagues.
as i held his little hand
and walked through the hallway, 
went up the escalator,
walked pass the security guards,
a warm current went through my body.
i have walked through the same hallway, went in the same escalator, saw the familiar faces
thousands of time,
but have never thought that one day,
i would be in the same spot, holding my child's hand.
it all felt so familiar yet odd but at the same time heart-warming.

little bb had lots of fun in the office,
many thanks to my loving colleagues for keeping him entertained.

some pictures to share later
and now,
i need to go to bed,
extremely tired running back and forth today.

nite nite.


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That sounds like a very intense day!
And time does fly. Already his first day of school?! Wow:D

aileen ♥ motu said...

yes.... time goes by so quickly.... sometimes i still don't believe i am a mom already!