Wednesday, August 15, 2012

day 3 of PTFTM

a piece of good news today!!  yay!!!!!


this was put together for the august birthday girl ~
bits and pieces of floral fabrics,
vintage lace,
vintage music sheets and book pages,
vintage millinery flowers,
a little postcard,
a little vintage lace monogram

glad you like it ^_^


3rd class for little bb today,
and he was doing a bit better today in terms of separation...
he was able to play on his own and with the other classmates most of the time.

and i caught him grinned at two of the classmates while he was playing...
such a funny face...

i can not describe in words my feelings and emotions 
when i see him interacting with other little ones,
playing tea time,
pretending and showing his classmate how to eat a toy corncob,
sitting on a tiny little chair at the tiny table, having his tea time together with the other little ones,
holding the hands of the teachers, walking away from me to the playground

it's a bit silly,
but my eyes got teary again today.

at the end of each class,
the teacher will collect all the school bags and call the name of each little one
and help each one put on the bag.

because of his last name, little bb is the last one to be called...
today, when all the other little ones got their bags,
he stood up and started pointing at himself....
and the teacher said, "yes yes, it's your turn now"...
little bb then walked towards the teacher and turned around
for the bag to be put on....

these littlest acts are really heart warming....


nothing exciting about our after school activity today...
we went to get takeaway for dinner,
went to the market hoping to get blueberries (little bb's favorite fruit) but only to find out they were all sold out already.... so we got apples instead....  
went to get my recent favorite junk food ~ korean style roasted squid chips,
then went to drop off my work clothes at the laundry...
final stop was the club house, where little bb ran around and was greeted by his friends...

little bb was a good little assistant...
he helped carried the apples and mami's junk food all the way home!

what shall we do tomorrow?
am planning to visit the museums with little bb...
(and i just found out the ones i wanna go with little bb are closed on thurs!  bummer....)

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