Friday, August 31, 2012

coming to an end

my FTPTM time is coming to an end.
today is my last day being able to take little bb to and back from school.
next week,
i will be back to work.

as i look back the past three weeks and think about how the time was spent,
i am very contented with how it was spent.
i did all of the things i wanna do with little bb.
there were a few things which i wanna do for myself but didn't get a chance to
(like pampering myself with a nice spa, making a few more brooches and necklaces),
but these little things for myself are nothing compared to little things done with little bb.

to let our nanny get familiar with the school and the dropping off / picking up from school,
she went with us to the school today.
i let her walk little bb into the classroom.
as expected, little bb screamed and cried, trying to look for me while i hide behind the wall.
after a few minutes, one of the teachers told me little bb has stopped crying and was already
playing with the toys.
well done.

similarly, i let our nanny go in the school to get little bb after class.
i see one happy smiley face walking out.....
our nanny told me the first words he said when she picked him up from the class room
"ma mi?"

i am so grateful for being able to be with little bb round the clock these past three weeks.
i am so grateful for having these truly happy, heartwarming and wonderful time with little bb.

i am not sure when i will be able to take vacation in my new job....
until then...
mami will miss these round the clock times with you, my dearest.


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