Friday, July 20, 2012

more from last sunday

these days, i like looking at the trees....
i see freshness, life and energy in them

someone just got a balloon and 
was holding onto it tightly

sliding down is fun,
walking up the slide is more than fun!

just when we were about to leave the park,
we saw amateurs doing the lion dance!!!!!
little bb was amazed by what he saw!

and just a few steps away,
cute mini little amateurs were doing some kind of dance!
we thought they were also doing the lion dance,
but then shortly,
they took out a plush snake!
what were they doing with the snake????

two steps forward and two steps backward....
jumped up and down,
walked a few steps forward again....

we then got it,
it's a dance about conquering the snake!!!
it's not just little bb's first time seeing this dance,
it's also daddy and mommy's first time!

the dance and the plush snake really got little bb....
he was frozen with !!!!!!
and i bet left him with a million ????????

what an eventful sunday morning!


quitur said...

really lovely sunday..

the most amazing lion dance i have even seen is in...Pacific Place! I guess it is a tradition of the arcade to invite a troupe during lunar new year. The lion will patrol around and even enter some shops to scoop "prizes" at some pre-arranged positions (採青). The whole scene makes an amazing combination of Western ambience and Chinese tradition . I was stunned when i saw it during the lunch hour early this year.

could u share how you make the slide shows and embed them in blogspot, as in your previous two posts? thanks.


aileen ♥ motu said...

hi loquitur,

surely... this is where i learned how to do the animated gifs:

it is an excellent tutorial.

the only extra step you need is upload the gif file to photobucket. then copy and paste the html into blogger post. this extra step is needed because blogger doesn't take gif file as it is.

it's a lot of fun doing the animation!

have fun!

aileen ♥ motu said...

sign up with photobucket:

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh yes, during chinese new year, it is the traditional for shops and offices to have lion dance. it is supposed to bring good luck....

joanna said...

so cute!! i have never seen this too!! is this a school? would be fun for the kids to learn.

aileen ♥ motu said...

i think it is some kind of 舞 術 館... will check the name of the school when i see it again... some of the little ones and big ones are wearing tee shirts with the name of the school printed on it.