Sunday, July 29, 2012

happy birthday sansan!!

we had heaps of fun at my god-daughter's birthday party on saturday

it was a great party,
and one which made us all felt the love and care put in by joanna

from the homemade party favors to the beautiful and yummy birthday cake.

and surely our birthday girl had a great time!!!

happy birthday again, sansan!

kai ma wishes you health, love and laughter!

apart from wearing the hello kitty tee,
i made this head band (and three more)...

it was a last minute idea....
and i love being hello kitty...
(i used to love it when i was a teenager)

i tried to put it on little bb,
but i guess he didn't feel like being a meow meow cat....


joanna said...

thank you so much for coming, kai ma, and the lovely present and cat ears, and all your help!!

oooo...i LOVE those eye lashes of andre's!!!!! i love the way he "roared" on the bouncy castle!! ^__^

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh yes yes.... that roar really cracked us up!