Tuesday, July 31, 2012

chocolate cake no.1

our first cake made a few weeks ago....

chocolate cake with chocolate and cinnamon chips

would you like to have a piece of chocolate cake?


say please


say cake


say thank you

"tan kyu"

say mami


....... munch munch munch.......

extremely tired tonight

i don't particularly like tuesday cuz it's usually the longest day of the week
due to the call i have to do @ 9pm every tuesday.

after work on tuesday,
i rush home to shower and have dinner so that i can be ready for the call...
right after the call,
i will play a little and read a little with little bb before his bed time
then i will put him to bed.

i feel like rushing through all these...  sometimes leaving me breathless

next tuesday will be my last call here.

tonight, i couldn't concentrate on the call
as all i could hear was little bb calling 
i giggled and smiled.... with the phone on mute.

after the call,
i rushed out for little bb....
held him up and brought him to say goodnight to our nanny and somotu...

say nite nite ti ti
"nie nie ti ti"

say nite nite dadi
"nie nie dadi"

say see you tomorrow
"c u mew mew"

i love the MEW MEW

good night

Oh, before i head off to bed,
i want to share this beautiful space here.
absolutely love her illustration, design, collage work,
the fonts used and colour palette.


good night

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