Tuesday, July 31, 2012

chocolate cake no.1

our first cake made a few weeks ago....

chocolate cake with chocolate and cinnamon chips

would you like to have a piece of chocolate cake?


say please


say cake


say thank you

"tan kyu"

say mami


....... munch munch munch.......

extremely tired tonight

i don't particularly like tuesday cuz it's usually the longest day of the week
due to the call i have to do @ 9pm every tuesday.

after work on tuesday,
i rush home to shower and have dinner so that i can be ready for the call...
right after the call,
i will play a little and read a little with little bb before his bed time
then i will put him to bed.

i feel like rushing through all these...  sometimes leaving me breathless

next tuesday will be my last call here.

tonight, i couldn't concentrate on the call
as all i could hear was little bb calling 
i giggled and smiled.... with the phone on mute.

after the call,
i rushed out for little bb....
held him up and brought him to say goodnight to our nanny and somotu...

say nite nite ti ti
"nie nie ti ti"

say nite nite dadi
"nie nie dadi"

say see you tomorrow
"c u mew mew"

i love the MEW MEW

good night

Oh, before i head off to bed,
i want to share this beautiful space here.
absolutely love her illustration, design, collage work,
the fonts used and colour palette.


good night

Monday, July 30, 2012

monday is for daydreaming

morning was alright

the afternoon was long
i had a hard time concentrating on work
especially when my days with this firm is counting down....

what's better than daydreaming and sipping iced mocha?

stumbled upon this place
and just couldn't stop looking at the sparkling and shimmering sea
i am inspired to take some of my own

her styling
and looks are clean, simple 
yet charming with a twist of surprise here and there

and the FW 2012 has finally hit the stores!

thinking of what to make next.....

Sunday, July 29, 2012

happy birthday sansan!!

we had heaps of fun at my god-daughter's birthday party on saturday

it was a great party,
and one which made us all felt the love and care put in by joanna

from the homemade party favors to the beautiful and yummy birthday cake.

and surely our birthday girl had a great time!!!

happy birthday again, sansan!

kai ma wishes you health, love and laughter!

apart from wearing the hello kitty tee,
i made this head band (and three more)...

it was a last minute idea....
and i love being hello kitty...
(i used to love it when i was a teenager)

i tried to put it on little bb,
but i guess he didn't feel like being a meow meow cat....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

bread monster is back

this loaf of dried tomato and onion rye bread was made awhile ago

i wasn't sure if little bb would like the savory taste

it turned out that
this loaf was gone in the speed of light

1 lb of bread was all gone by the next morning

imagine when
bread monster meets cookie monster,

brownie and sugar would be in heaven..... as they gobble all the bread and cookie crumbs on the floor as the two monsters go "ummm ummm ummmm" all the bread and cookies.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

*i won iiiicc keem*

i would have preferred not exposing little bb to yummy deliciouuss snacks / junk / sweets so early on.

yes, i am quite strict in this regard.

the usual mommy's concerns like 
ruining apetite,
teeth problems,
weight problems....

but sometimes there are just things i can't control...  ^_^

like this ice-cream thing.

it all started with daddy letting him have a taste of the soft ice-cream in the park...
then it becomes a routine
as almost everyday, the two of them go to the park...

i guess it is not the end of the world...

and so

i found myself in the supermarket the other day,
getting a pack of petite ice cream cones for little bb!

partly because i think it's ok as long as he eats his meals
mostly because the petite cones are too cute to pass.

these cones fits the little hands perfectly....

after dinner,
little bb will grab my hand and lead me to the kitchen
and say
"ga ga go"
as in 食雪糕, eat ice cream.

so i will scoop out one small spoonful of ice cream and place it in the cone for him.

his eyes shines, and he becomes the happiest soul!

tonight, i asked him to repeat this after me:
"i want ice cream"

it becomes "i won iiiicc keem"

i love the sound of his words

before i forget, these are the new words he can say now:

.... th kyuu ....  as in thank you

.... plea .... as in please

.... hat .....  as in hat

.... babeee ..... as in baby

.... ba ba shipp .... as in baa baa sheep  

.... shhuuu .... as in shoe

.... 比 .... as in 比 , give

.... po po .... as in 抱抱, carry carry

.... baaa cccc ..... as in 巴士, bus

.... dic cccc .... as in 的士, taxi

.... chaak chaak .... as in truck truck.... carrr .... as in car

.... neuu .... as in new

.... nai nai .... as in 奶奶, milk

.... OO KAYYY .... as in OK

.... cc u .... as in see you

.... bad bad .... as in bed bed

.... jei jei .... as in 姐姐, big sister

.... gor gor .... as in 哥哥, big brother

.... por por .... as in 婆婆, grandmother (my mother)

.... kun kun .... as in 公公, grandfather (my father)

.... fuu fuu .... as in 舅父, uncle (my brother)

.... maa maa .... as in 女麻女麻, grandmother (somotu's mother)

.... ber ber .... as in umbrella

.... go go .... as in lego

.... yum yum .... as in 飲飲, drink

.... jor .... as in 坐, sit

and the most wonderful and heart-warming words are:

.... ma mi .... as in mommy

.... da di .... as in daddy

yeah!!!  he can finally say ma mi and da di instead of ma ma and ba ba!


who is ba ba shipp?


he now likes to sleep with ba ba shipp and babee (thanks billie for wooly the sheep, i luv it)


sorry brownie and sugar, i can't let u have ga ga go.  but i will make sure you get extra snacks suitable for you.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

bangle #4 & a little busy body

while i was taking pictures,
he was happily playing with my bottle of buttons

taking them out
putting them back
taking them out again
putting them back again

one busy little body

+ linen

+ mini dried flowers

+ lace


we just had one of the strongest typhoons hitting our city last night....

i couldn't remember when was the last time we had typhoon signal no. 10.
but i am sure i am not excited about these typhoons as i used to be when i was little....

when i was little, strong typhoons mean no school.
now, it means somebody out there could get hurt either by accident or because of the responsibilities that come with their job, losses to farmers and florists......

glad that no one got hurt.

Monday, July 23, 2012

let's "draw draw draw"

usually i am the one who suggests getting this and that for little bb

on very rare occasions,
somotu will make the suggestion..
this easel falls in this category
because little bb likes to,
as he puts it:
"draw draw draw"


quite easy to tell who drew what....
daddy vs little bb

Friday, July 20, 2012

more from last sunday

these days, i like looking at the trees....
i see freshness, life and energy in them

someone just got a balloon and 
was holding onto it tightly

sliding down is fun,
walking up the slide is more than fun!

just when we were about to leave the park,
we saw amateurs doing the lion dance!!!!!
little bb was amazed by what he saw!

and just a few steps away,
cute mini little amateurs were doing some kind of dance!
we thought they were also doing the lion dance,
but then shortly,
they took out a plush snake!
what were they doing with the snake????

two steps forward and two steps backward....
jumped up and down,
walked a few steps forward again....

we then got it,
it's a dance about conquering the snake!!!
it's not just little bb's first time seeing this dance,
it's also daddy and mommy's first time!

the dance and the plush snake really got little bb....
he was frozen with !!!!!!
and i bet left him with a million ????????

what an eventful sunday morning!

saturday is for shopping

it first started with friday being the day of the week for shopping...
then it was tuesday....
now it is all over the place...

last saturday,
while we were at stanley,
we (mainly me) got a few things...

a cute little glass jar with embossed heart and a white lid with a heart on top
i still haven't decided on what to put inside....
probably bits and pieces of laces and trimmings.

and a top with a crocheted neck piece.

i am loving them!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

sunday morning


little bb sliding down a giant piece of orange!

this is by far the most slanted slide little bb has ever got himself on.

it got little bb really excited 

and when it was time to leave (daddy and mommy were melting away quickly under the hot bright sun),
he threw a big fit!

daddy has to pick him up and carry him on his side (horizontally) to leave the playground.....

no worries little bb,
we will surely bring you back for more crazy sliding!

to beat the summer heat,
we should play this song while sliding next time:

sunday morning ~ acid house kings

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

our birthday boy


vanilla cupcake for our birthday boy!!!

we all waited and waited and waited....

waiting for the sparkles....

almost half way through the candle, there came one little sparkle....

happy belated birthday brownie!

p.s. if anyone knows where to get candles which can do serious sparkling business, please kindly let me know....  we have more birthdays to come and more cakes and candles to blow!  we love sparkles!  thanks!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


can't believe we did it again

we forgot about brownie's birthday again....

2 years in a roll....

thanks to ah king for sending the birthday message over....
otherwise, it might take a few more days / weeks before we realize....

sorry brownie....

we will make it up to you...

i think there will be a cheesecake waiting for you tomorrow.


this will never happen again.....
daddy has marked the date in his digital diary.....

happy 8th birthday!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

say cheese!


with daddy's cap......

Thursday, July 12, 2012

bom bom bom

fireworks as usual on july 1

we don't normally get excited over them
but that night
we did for little bb.

thought that he would be amazed and excited about these colorful *falling stars*

but no

he was scared BIG TIME

till this day, he fears the window area when it becomes dark outside

"bom bom bom"
is what he will keep saying

followed by "po po"
(as in carry me please)