Sunday, June 10, 2012

our weekend

another first time for us and little bb!
and i must say little bb has done very well!

we joined dear joanna and her husband 
for an early father's day lunch celebration today.

when joanna first suggested that we could leave little bb in their house
to play with sansan and didi,
i was a bit hesitant.
although little bb has been to joanna's house a few times
(and more when he was still in my tummy!),
it is still a comparatively new place for him.
surely he would be in good hands,
but wasn't sure if he would miss us too much.
especially it would be his first time staying at a place by himself without us
(except grandma's place).

this morning when we were getting ready to leave home,
i talked to little bb about how he would have lots of fun 
playing with sansan and didi,
how didi would share his big big collection of cars with him,
and that mama and papa would have lunch with auntie and uncle
but would be back right after.

when we got to joanna's place,
it didn't take little bb too long to warm up.
he joined sansan and didi playing with the cars
and getting ready for the tea party.

not too long, seeing he seemed to have settled in quite well,
i told him again that while mama and papa have lunch,
he would stay with sansan and didi and would have lots of fun.

as we head off to lunch,
i have thought of the nannies calling us back....
but no! 
no phone calls!

when we head back after lunch,
we saw one happy dancing little bb!
well done!
this also means,
we can do this again!  
and many thanks to the nannies
and of course sansan and didi
for being great hosts!!!

and the lunch was yummy!

dear friends came over to visit us late afternoon....
thanks for keeping little bb busy!!

on saturday,
we were invited to a 2nd year old birthday party.
little bb had so much fun with the ball pool, the slide, the popcorn making machine
and the chairs.
yes, chairs.
in fact, all the kids fell in love with the chairs....
they kept pushing and carrying them from one corner to another....
giggling mad while carrying them!

little bb collapsed into a sound nap as soon as we left the party.
but woke up just in time for my sister-in-law's birthday dinner...

in between the lunches, dinners and party,
i managed to make pancakes for little bb,
two loafs of bread (green tea, cheese & onion), 
prepare fabrics for making more flowers,
try out coloring the modeling clay.

i am very tired

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