Sunday, June 17, 2012

my night begins!

for a change tonight,
my night starts at 10pm!

little bb is finally asleep 
and my private time starts!

before i head off to make flowers,
i want to drop down the things we did this weekend...

* attended the school event for new students with little bb, got his school uniforms, etc
* shopped for a table for little bb.... and got one
* played the ice-cream parlor with little bb on his new table
* made a loaf of bread ~ apricot jam with mixed dried fruits
* made an attempt to make edible lace with the kit i got awhile ago
* made a bunch of flower petals

* father's day lunch for my dad and somotu
* shopping with somotu's mom and brother... little bb got a small car from somotu's brother
and i got a few packs of dried fruits and nuts (yummy!)
* dinner with the family
* made another loaf of bread ~ cheese, dried onions and tomatoes
* 2nd attempt with making the edible lace
* continued with making flower petals
* played with my camera to take photos with hearts...

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