Tuesday, June 5, 2012

meeting the gang

weather on the past sunday first seemed to be quite gloomy
but to our surprise,
as we drove towards one of the disney hotels
the weather cleared up
and it turned out to be a great day for running up and down the greens

we warmed up the day for little bb
by first introducing the gang to him.

it wasn't his first time meeting them...
but he was still quite a baby when he last met them...
and this time,
it was indeed a close encounter!

for whatever reasons,
little bb only likes mickey...
daisy was ok...
goofy was barely ok....
pluto was a disaster....

little bb was taken back by pluto 
and would only check him out while he was like 10 meters away!

we feel so sorry for pluto that we have to make
little bb pat him and kissed him on his nose before we left...
we didn't want to hurt kind and friendly pluto's feelings!

i think
mickey is to his likes
because of his pair of ears...
must look like two giant balls to little bb!

the highlight of the visit
is of course running wild on the greens!
and catching bubbles!!!!!