Thursday, June 21, 2012

making and eating lace

she said, "look look", while holding up the piece of edible lace, waving it proudly.

he said, "what's that?"

she said, "it's a piece of lace i just made!"

he said, "what for?"

she said, "it's edible!  can decorate cakes, cupcakes... " and blah blah blah....

he said, "but we don't have an oven to bake cake."

radio silence.......................

after much thinking, measuring, positioning,
i cut out a corner of the lace and placed it on a piece of the apricot jam with mixed dried fruits wheat bread i made,
in a very reluctant manner,
cuz the piece looks too pretty being as it is.

and not surprisingly, 
i messed it up....
i was too nervous, my hands were shaky, the piece of lace was too thin and delicate, there were too many curves and i didn't have the right pair of scissors... blah blah blah
(oh yeah, my excuses can go on and on and on....  *smile*)
but it did melt onto the piece of bread nicely.

but that was not the worse part,
the worse part was,
thanks to the nice and warm weather,
when i got back home after lunch, thinking i could continue with the cutting and fun,
i found out the entire piece of lace melted into the baking sheet used to hold it!!!!
the lace + baking paper has become one....  if i had enough of them, i could see myself gluing them onto the wall.  i am sure they will make very nice and unique wallpaper!

luckily, i used only a very little of the icing sugar....
still have enough left.... *smile*

oh and i almost forgot to mention,
the lace did taste good...
sort of like marshmallow but less sweet.


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Wow! You made that?! It is spectacular! I love this idea! And I'm really intrigued by the taste too, sounds great!

ashley moe said...

oh my goodness, how lovely!

amy said...

wow, this is really delicate and crazily remarkable. how do you make it?

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks all ^__^
it was a silicon mat with the lace pattern you see in the picture. i first whipped the icing sugar and have it set overnight. next day, i hand whipped again before spreading it over the mat. takes about a day for the icing to set nicely... then peel it off from the mat. i do wish i have an oven so that i can bake something which i can decorate it with the lace.

ar sa said...

HOHOHOHO~~~~~ (giggling)