Thursday, June 7, 2012

latest vocab list of spoiled bb

he is spoiled
big time....

every time he sees my brother and sister-in-law,
he gets little gifts...

last week,
the gift was not little....
it was MEGA!

please stop spoiling him!  ^_^

(although we have quite lot of these *eyed* cars at home now,
the only one i know the name is mcqueen....
i am still having a hard time registering the names of all these *eyed* cars...
perhaps i should keep it this way,
wait till the day when little bb figures out all the names himself
then i will ask him to teach mama!)


his latest vocab list:

da tou gaa = 大冬瓜 (straight translation is big winter melon ... hahahaha...
but in chinese it means something like clumsy)

da goo go = 打關斗 (as in roll-over)

ga su go = 食雪糕 (as in eat ice-cream)

sic su til = 食雪條 (as in eat ice lolly)

 =  (as in grapes)

buu buu = blueberry

bau bau = bread

mum mum = his yummy meals!

bu bu = bus

plea = please

kyu kyu = thank you

bye bye = bye bye

nai nai = milk

nai nai = good night

ga ga = sugar

baun baun = brownie

ti ti = auntie flora

car car = CAR!!!!!

park park = park

poo poo = ga ga and baun baun's poo poo!!!!! eeeeeeee!!!!!!!! (he is a good citizen... he likes to "report" poopoo incidences of brownie and sugar to us in speed of light)

ba ba = daddy

ma ma = mommy

ga ga go 

goo ga go

ok, what does the last two "xxx xxx go" mean?
we don't know.

but one thing we know for sure is,
it has to do with this:

Interior Angles
Interior Angles
Henagon -360°Dodecagon 12 1800°
Digon Tridecagon/
13 1980°
14 2160°
360°Pentdecagon 15 2340°
Pentagon 540°Hexdecagon 16 2520°
Hexagon 720°Heptadecagon 17 2700°
Heptagon 900°Octadecagon 18 2880°
Octagon 1080°Nonadecagon/
19 3060°
1260°Icosagon 20 3240°
Decagon 10 1440°Chiliagon 1 000 179640°
Hendecagon 11 1620°Megagon 1 000 000 179999640°

the "ga ga go" and "goo ga go" should be either decagon, dodecagon or hendecagon.....

and where did he get them from?

here - one of his latest must-watch and sing-along videos

2:03 is when all these no-one-in-the-house-knows-they-exist-in-the-world-kind-of-words 
start popping up!

and when the song ends,
little bb will start going
"ga ga go" 
"goo ga go"

it's ok little bb,
mommy and daddy are more than happy if you can just say cir-cle....


Lileely said...

little bb is so cute, bb will be very happy to see this blog when he grow up. U such a wonderful and sweet mama.

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks lileely.. not sure if he will have the patience to read through all of these when he grows up... but i surely will!