Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

summer drink

+ fresh lime

+ mint leaves

+ honey

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

little frame

got this that tuesday 

have thought of putting pictures of brownie, sugar and little bb in the frames...
but ended up with bits of lace, old book pages, millinery flowers, old lace tag and a monogram

i think they go better with the frame 

Monday, June 25, 2012

little bread monster

whenever i try to take pictures of our freshly baked bread
i see a little shadow from the corner of my eye
next thing i know,
our little bread monster is diving into the bread

on saturday,
it was the vanilla flavored wheat bread with chocolate, cranberries and blueberries
i was getting the camera ready
when i was ready to shoot,
i saw a little hand picking the chocolate bits through the lens
and an excited voice saying "bao bao"

i asked the little monster to calm down
and to hold the tray....
but he was very reluctant

and when i turned my head,
the little monster was diving into the bread......

on sunday,
it was the blueberry jam bread with blueberries...

i was actually able to take one picture without the little bread monster!
rest of the pictures either has his little hands all over the bread
or his whole face ducked into the bread....

and this blueberry jam bread is by far,
the best made.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

this weekend

+ watched dragon boat race

+ running around at the peak

+ made two loafs of bread: vanilla flavored wheat bread + chocolate + raspberry + blueberry; and white bread with blueberry jam + blueberry

+ sipped mocha from a very pretty takeaway paper cup

+ major clean up and reorganized little bb's toys, books and stuff

+ shopped on sunday when i am not supposed to!

+ slept earlier than usual on both nights

Friday, June 22, 2012

baby duckies, little table & a bowl head

we have watched this video a few times already
but it wasn't until last night
little bb started to have the following reaction:
....  when the first baby duckie was missing, little bb stopped smiling
....  when the second baby duckie was missing, his eyebrows started coming together
....  when the third baby duckie was missing, he was frowning
....  when the fourth baby duckie was missing, he started crying
....  when all the duckies were missing, he cried really hard

his reaction really took us by surprise!

it took me a good few seconds before i realized he was really upset
and had to hug him and pat his head 
and tell him it's alright, 
all the babies will be back to mommy in the end.

we thought it was just another song
but i guess it means more than just a song...
perhaps he can grasp the meaning of missing?  or being sad?
or babies not being with mommy?

we played it to him again tonight
we thought he would not have the same reaction
but no
he started crying as soon as the second baby duckie was missing.

we are going to stop playing this video for now
as we don't want him to have nightmares!


little bb's own table, finally!
after much nagging by me, 
somotu finally agreed to getting a little table for little bb last sat.

we draw, color
we read
we play ice cream shop

i love sitting by the table with little bb
him on one chair
me on another

his latest hairstyle.......  bowl cut

Thursday, June 21, 2012

making and eating lace

she said, "look look", while holding up the piece of edible lace, waving it proudly.

he said, "what's that?"

she said, "it's a piece of lace i just made!"

he said, "what for?"

she said, "it's edible!  can decorate cakes, cupcakes... " and blah blah blah....

he said, "but we don't have an oven to bake cake."

radio silence.......................

after much thinking, measuring, positioning,
i cut out a corner of the lace and placed it on a piece of the apricot jam with mixed dried fruits wheat bread i made,
in a very reluctant manner,
cuz the piece looks too pretty being as it is.

and not surprisingly, 
i messed it up....
i was too nervous, my hands were shaky, the piece of lace was too thin and delicate, there were too many curves and i didn't have the right pair of scissors... blah blah blah
(oh yeah, my excuses can go on and on and on....  *smile*)
but it did melt onto the piece of bread nicely.

but that was not the worse part,
the worse part was,
thanks to the nice and warm weather,
when i got back home after lunch, thinking i could continue with the cutting and fun,
i found out the entire piece of lace melted into the baking sheet used to hold it!!!!
the lace + baking paper has become one....  if i had enough of them, i could see myself gluing them onto the wall.  i am sure they will make very nice and unique wallpaper!

luckily, i used only a very little of the icing sugar....
still have enough left.... *smile*

oh and i almost forgot to mention,
the lace did taste good...
sort of like marshmallow but less sweet.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

tuesday is for shopping

few weeks ago,
i decided to designate fridays for shopping.
it means no shopping for the rest of the week...

oh then why tuesday is for shopping???
right right
"tuesday is for shopping",
it isn't
"tuesday is for shopping too".

so last tuesday,
joanna brought me to this pretty but cozy hideaway.
i called it a hideaway because it is located on a very quiet street
hiding away from the bustling central.

i knew it was only tuesday
and the golden rule is NO SHOPPING...
but i just couldn't help passing the nice zakka in the shop.

so it ended up "tuesday is for shopping".

the set of glass plates is one of the few items i brought home.
they are now home to the flowers i am making....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

little moments

probably at least half of the people in town saw the double rainbow today....

seeing the rainbow from my seat at work was a nice break from work,
knowing on the other side of the island, little bb and somotu were looking at the same rainbow
makes it a special moment.

many times, if not a lot of times, 
your littlest acts makes me the happiest soul...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

my night begins!

for a change tonight,
my night starts at 10pm!

little bb is finally asleep 
and my private time starts!

before i head off to make flowers,
i want to drop down the things we did this weekend...

* attended the school event for new students with little bb, got his school uniforms, etc
* shopped for a table for little bb.... and got one
* played the ice-cream parlor with little bb on his new table
* made a loaf of bread ~ apricot jam with mixed dried fruits
* made an attempt to make edible lace with the kit i got awhile ago
* made a bunch of flower petals

* father's day lunch for my dad and somotu
* shopping with somotu's mom and brother... little bb got a small car from somotu's brother
and i got a few packs of dried fruits and nuts (yummy!)
* dinner with the family
* made another loaf of bread ~ cheese, dried onions and tomatoes
* 2nd attempt with making the edible lace
* continued with making flower petals
* played with my camera to take photos with hearts...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

pouring hearts

it was pouring outside today
and i like it
and even more so when the right kind of songs are playing


we got the school uniforms, backpack, etc
for little bb today

can't believe little bb will be starting school soon...

the biggest challenge for him and us
i think will be dealing with the separation....

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

one fine day in paris

pancakes for little bb!

cutting fun for mami!

little bb couldn't stop eating them....

i lost count

but he probably down 3 eiffel towers, 2 cars 2 birdies and 1 bears.


to complete the play-pretend-to-be-in-paris:



les petits miroirs...

et l'on se 'me...