Sunday, May 13, 2012

on the 2nd mother's day

you still like making piggy mouth
and this one is just a piggy mouth at its peak

we are still reading stories and singing songs together before bed time
only that you are a picky little reader now
you are now the one who picks and chooses which book mommy should read

mommy still likes to get you books, lots of books
some are nice little ones for you
while others are....
just too *funny* for you 

mommy still finds your little toes too adorable
and still thinks they are edible

occasionally, very occasionally
mommy still secretly wished that you could dress in lace, ruffles....

although you are saying a lot more now,
you still can't say "ma ma"....

maybe next year?
on the 3rd mother's day,
what about saying "mama"
then a big big hug followed by kisses and kisses?


Lileely said...

so sweet, little bb so cute in lace dress.

aileen ♥ motu said...

hehehe thanks.... you are the only one who didn't say i am insane to dress him in a "dress"!