Saturday, May 5, 2012

little adventure at the garden

warming up....
run run run

hide and seek with daddy

oh.... where is daddy??????

.... and the garden
where there are little fun plants here and there

little flowers 

mini pineapple!!!!

and mini tomatoes fertilized with egg shells!

poke poke poke,
touch touch touch
and i was allowed to pick them too!

last but not the least,
怕醜草, a pot of sensitive plant (touch-me-not)!!!!
and i was more excited about it than little bb!
i haven't come across them for a long long time.
it was way back when i used to hike with my family that i would see lots of them along the hiking paths!  
i would touch and pat them waiting for them to shy away!

i stayed in front of the plant longer than little bb,
patting the leaves and seeing them shy away....

little bb is more interested in the pom pom lookalike flower of the plant....

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