Monday, May 21, 2012

the first sentence

yesterday morning,
little bb uttered his first short sentence.
and that really made my day.

"sicc suu tillll"


as in "食雪條", i.e. "eat ice lollies"

then came night time,
the three of us were lying on bed getting ready for little bb's bed time,
he said his second short sentence.
it had me giggling till now.

"da kwan dou"


as in "打關斗", i.e. "roll over"

as he said "da kwan dou", he kept rolling over back and forth
right to left....  to every corner of our bed.

so funny and cute.

this is the time to really enjoy and treasure...
as before we knew it,
all the babbling, cute little girly voice, alien language and sounds, baby talks
will be replaced by
boyish (or even man) talk in a deep low voice.

if i were to guess what would be little bb's first few sentences,
i would have never got it right.

i would have probably guessed something like 
~ "去街街" as in "going out" as he loves going out
~ " mum mum" as in "eating" as he already knows how to say "mum mum"
~ "" as in "riding a car" as he is crazy about cars and is already yelling "" from day till night.

食雪條 and 打關斗 are new things to him as he just found out about the existence of ice lollies lately ("special" thanks to somotu) and that it is only recently that he can roll over successfully.


sabe said...

hope he can call me KM soon!

aileen ♥ motu said...


maybe we should teach him Kai Kai first! he does repeated single words better!