Tuesday, May 1, 2012

first of may

another public holiday today

somotu wanted to check out the furniture shops at cyberport
although i wanted to stay home to rest and get ready for work tomorrow,
i thought it would be good for little bb to run around on the green lawn at the podium
so off we went.

turned out that there was a couple getting married at the podium today
so the whole green area was blocked off.

we then turned to the outskirt and walked around.

i got this grey pleated skirt and the pair of oxford shoes before i got sick...
after almost a month's time,
i could finally wear them.
and together with the necklace i made for myself.....

made with the handmade flowers i have been making....

i find making these fabric flowers quite therapeutic,
for when i am making them,
my mind is on nothing else but making sure each layer is done right.
don't have to think about things that i don't want my mind to be thinking of.

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