Monday, May 7, 2012

an extra pair of hands

a few months ago,
little bb started displaying a strong "urge" to "copy" our actions

for instance,
he likes to walk up to brownie and sugar's beds,
picks up their blankets and keeps waving them in the air.

at first, i didn't really pay attention to it as i thought he just finds it funny.
but he kept doing this, up till now.

then i realize he is copying our nanny who fixes brownie and sugar's beds every morning by tidying their beds, waving and folding their blankets neatly.

not surprisingly,
little bb does each step alright, except the "neatness" part.
brownie and sugar's beds normally will end up messier than before after his efforts.

i like watching him in action, waving the blankets
i love the sounds he makes for each action,
like the "eeek" sound when waving the blankets as if he has summoned all the energy in his little body for the task.
like the "uuuuhhhhh" sound when throwing the blankets back to the beds as if dropping a big piece of stone.

other things he likes to copy are:
.....  giving (actually throwing) food (his own food) to brownie and sugar
.....  mopping the floor
.....  vacuuming 
.....  putting (actually throwing) the hangers back to the storage basket after taking off dried clothes
.....  using (actually forcefully pushing) my little tools to make the fabric flowers
.....  cleaning the sofa with cloth, tissue paper and napkins
.....  picking up the smallest dirt on the floor and discarding it into the rubbish bin

seeing him so keen on "copying" us,
it's the perfect time to start training him to help with housework.

and his performance as our little helper?
so far so good.

keep it up little bb!

there is a long list waiting for you.
the top task on mama's list:
grooming, feeding and nails trimming brownie and sugar!

he is wearing the top i made when he turned one last year....
hippee!!!  it fits perfectly now!

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