Tuesday, May 29, 2012

about food

those who know me know that i am not a food person
i am not big about eating and food

give me bread
i am one happy soul

give me coffee
i am in heaven

but things are different whenever i am in japan

from bread to chips
from dessert to snacks
from authentic japanese dishes to italian pasta

i eat and drink and eat and drink and eat and drink

and i can say,
so far, every meal i had made me want more.

it could be they are usually served in smaller portions
it could be they are usually served in the cutest and prettiest bowl, plate, cup....
it could be they are usually arranged with style
it could be they are usually less oily

but one thing for sure, is
they are prepared and cooked with heart.

i enjoy watching the owners or chefs prepare the dishes.
especially the smaller diners.
they surely do make me feel that they won't overlook any tiny details
and that they love what they are doing.

fond memories from my recent trip to tokyo:

a french toast shop along one of the sidewalks in shibuya.
i ordered one with banana, maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream.
it was really really really yummy....

a green tea cafe in jiyugaoka:
japanese dessert
green tea latte
japanese curry
and boy, i was the happiest and most contented soul that day

a small cafe at parco in ikebukuro:
my favorite dish!!!!  japanese style hamburg with melted cheese served with creamy sauce
while one of the girls had it served with radish and vinegar sauce
and we were all in love with the mini cocottes used to serve the creamy sauce!!!!
not to mention the wooden tray used to hold all the dishes and the tiny indent made to fit the lid of the mini cocotte!
all sets were served with steamed veggies... and yes, we were in love with the bamboo container...

and at the airport before our departure:
another favorite.... ume!!!!
cold soba with ume sauce.
it really didn't help with getting me ready to take off....
i wish i could stay longer....

yum yum yum
i am getting really hungry now!

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