Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

cars cars cars

picked up this match-the-shape board for little bb while shopping for a friend's bb yesterday
like the vintage looking cars and the retro color shades

after dinner tonight,
i took it out for little bb to play with.

we matched the shapes,
talked about the colors,
sang "the wheels on the cars go round and round",
ran the cars on the table....
just when i ran out of ideas to play with the cars,
i thought of pretending to get on the car and go somewhere for fun.

"let's open the door,
baba gets into the car and sits over here,
little bb sits here
and mama sits here...
close the door 
baba drives and let's go to the park!!!!"

the second time,

"let's open the door, 
baba gets into the car and sits over here,
little bb sits here
and mama sits here...
brownie and sugar sit here

close the door 
baba drives and let's go to the park!!!!"

the third time,

"let's open the door, 
baba gets into the car and sits over here,
little bb sits here

close the door 
baba drives and let's go to the park!!!!"

little bb went:

sweeter than the sweetest dessert!!!! 
mama's heart skipped a beat!

i repeated the last ride twice
and little bb did the same 

talking about cars....
i would have never imagined myself buying cars or things related to cars.
ribbons? yes
lace? yes
zakka? yes
cars?  no!

but obviously, with a boy at home,
how can i turn a blind eye on cars.

99% of the cars little bb has are from my brother and sister in law:

little bb is really spoiled!

the only few cars i ever got for little bb were these:

quite obvious....
i was willing to get them because they were vintage and retro looking.....

little bb loves cars
and i guess i can only expect more in the house!

his love of cars extends to books that have pictures of cars....
and that explains why his favorite book is richard scarry's best word book ever
(i highly recommend this book.... so much in it with so much to talk about...
the book can keep the little ones entertained for a long while....
tonight, we talked about SHOUT and WHISPER....
little bb laughed out loud whenever i SHOUT and kept pointing back at the piggy shouting in the book for me to SHOUT non-stop.  boy, i think i am getting a sore throat.)

he loves the book so much that he has to sleep with the book...
just like tonight,
he held the book with both arms while going to sleep....
i tried to slowly pull it away from him after he has fallen asleep...
but those little hands held the book too tight

good night  zzzz

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

about food

those who know me know that i am not a food person
i am not big about eating and food

give me bread
i am one happy soul

give me coffee
i am in heaven

but things are different whenever i am in japan

from bread to chips
from dessert to snacks
from authentic japanese dishes to italian pasta

i eat and drink and eat and drink and eat and drink

and i can say,
so far, every meal i had made me want more.

it could be they are usually served in smaller portions
it could be they are usually served in the cutest and prettiest bowl, plate, cup....
it could be they are usually arranged with style
it could be they are usually less oily

but one thing for sure, is
they are prepared and cooked with heart.

i enjoy watching the owners or chefs prepare the dishes.
especially the smaller diners.
they surely do make me feel that they won't overlook any tiny details
and that they love what they are doing.

fond memories from my recent trip to tokyo:

a french toast shop along one of the sidewalks in shibuya.
i ordered one with banana, maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream.
it was really really really yummy....

a green tea cafe in jiyugaoka:
japanese dessert
green tea latte
japanese curry
and boy, i was the happiest and most contented soul that day

a small cafe at parco in ikebukuro:
my favorite dish!!!!  japanese style hamburg with melted cheese served with creamy sauce
while one of the girls had it served with radish and vinegar sauce
and we were all in love with the mini cocottes used to serve the creamy sauce!!!!
not to mention the wooden tray used to hold all the dishes and the tiny indent made to fit the lid of the mini cocotte!
all sets were served with steamed veggies... and yes, we were in love with the bamboo container...

and at the airport before our departure:
another favorite.... ume!!!!
cold soba with ume sauce.
it really didn't help with getting me ready to take off....
i wish i could stay longer....

yum yum yum
i am getting really hungry now!

Monday, May 28, 2012

the past weekend

* playgroup for little bb
* movie!  watched my first 3D movie!  
* made bread
* visited a dear friend + a small gathering 
* watched little bb strolling in the park from the 21st floor
* got little bb's his first pair of training chopsticks
* birthday lunch for my dear brother
* strolling in the mall with little bb
* messing around with the books at the book shop with little bb 
* checked out the tomatoes in the little secret garden
* made a couple of flowers

this coming weekend,
i want to sleep and rest and sleep and rest and relax
and sleep

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

angels and sponge

shuffled the play list in my iphone 
while i went to get lunch today,
and a song about friendship came up

for the rest of the day
i kept thinking about my dearest friends

one of them,
has the biggest heart.
caring and loving those around her unconditionally,
not in words
but in actions.

another one,
is the sunniest girl i know.
always positive,
sometimes silly
but never fail to cheer a down soul up.

another one of them,
is the most loving, selfless mother and wife.
always gentle,
talented in so many ways.

another one,
cheerful and outgoing,
thoughtful and carefree....
and a great shopping companion.

they are my angels


i am a sponge
soaked in their love, care and friendship... 
soaked with their experiences in life...  their ups are my ups, their downs are my downs
absorbed their good....  
from them, i learn how to be a better person, a better friend, a better daughter, a better wife and a better mother.

the only way i can return your friendship and love
is to be by your side no matter what.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

blueberry vs blackberry

he loves blueberries
he loves crashing mama's blackberry

one of these days,
mama will be calling the IT hotline to reset the password.

Monday, May 21, 2012

the first sentence

yesterday morning,
little bb uttered his first short sentence.
and that really made my day.

"sicc suu tillll"


as in "食雪條", i.e. "eat ice lollies"

then came night time,
the three of us were lying on bed getting ready for little bb's bed time,
he said his second short sentence.
it had me giggling till now.

"da kwan dou"


as in "打關斗", i.e. "roll over"

as he said "da kwan dou", he kept rolling over back and forth
right to left....  to every corner of our bed.

so funny and cute.

this is the time to really enjoy and treasure...
as before we knew it,
all the babbling, cute little girly voice, alien language and sounds, baby talks
will be replaced by
boyish (or even man) talk in a deep low voice.

if i were to guess what would be little bb's first few sentences,
i would have never got it right.

i would have probably guessed something like 
~ "去街街" as in "going out" as he loves going out
~ " mum mum" as in "eating" as he already knows how to say "mum mum"
~ "" as in "riding a car" as he is crazy about cars and is already yelling "" from day till night.

食雪條 and 打關斗 are new things to him as he just found out about the existence of ice lollies lately ("special" thanks to somotu) and that it is only recently that he can roll over successfully.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


made this for the door handle of our room...
thinking it would add a touch of "zakka" to the bare door.

used floral wire to make the heart shape loop
added the handmade flowers i have been making non stop these days
placed some dried flowers in between the flowers
then tied a piece of princess lace for hanging

it looked pretty good
one night
when i returned home from work

no sight of the heart
instead, i found an oval shaped loop

*someone* has been pulling the heart..........

after it has returned to its former shape,
i found it a new home
...  to save it from being distorted again.

next time,
i shall use steel instead

Saturday, May 19, 2012


能令你無悔 驕傲嗎

又有讓稜角 消失嗎

你成熟了 不會失去格調吧
刀鋒不會 磨鈍了吧

你情願變得 聰明而不衝動嗎
但變成 步步停下三思 會累嗎

應該不致 麻木了吧

你忘掉理想 只能忙於生活嗎
別太遲 又十年後至想 快樂嗎


if there is a rewind button,
would you use it?

or would you rather use the undo button?

Friday, May 18, 2012

unicorns and magic wands


窗紗外 小鹿給我送枝花
梳化上 下凡天使共我喝著茶
世間千千萬萬人 未明白我
孤單真的不可怕 能讓我畫滿花

讓那 恐龍成群行過枱面

讓那 彩虹長橋無限伸展
在我心房的 黃色 門裡
保存著 未坐那火箭

天花上 星星眨眼變煙花
口袋內 是前一晚摘了那月牙
我編繪的讓別人 視為幻覺
今天雖則長高了 牆上繼續掛的

讓那 海豚時時游到指尖
一人同行 行進卡通片
在我堅持的 黃色 門裡
珍藏著 自製那冠冕

窗紗外 小鹿給我送枝花
想想吧 真想給你見到牠

really like this song,
to me, 
it is about the child at heart...  

as a child, i day dreamed a lot.
as a grown up, i sometimes forget how to dream.
i sometimes find myself lost in obligations, expectations, reality....

i wanna be able to dream, to see only the good in every thing and person, 
to be my own self living in my imaginary world.

i don't want to grow up.
i want to be able to see the world and people with the same pair of pure and innocent eyes as when i was a child.




chatting with an auntie yesterday,
"and that was one of the happiest times of my life"
i was 10/11 years old then.


there have been way too many disheartening stories and experiences so far this year.
perhaps this is the year of transformation and realization....
and hopefully for the better for everyone.


our dearest,
you are the bravest girl.
you are dearly loved by us all.
tomorrow can only be better for us all.
let's dream about our next girls trip.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

about watching tv

0:01   little bb starts to get really excited...  big grin on his face
0:16   he sees the owl and he starts making oooo oooooo sounds....  
0:42   i can see sparkles in his eyes as he waits for the special moment
1:05   the special moment!!!!!  he holds out both hands, one for somotu, one for me.  three of us hold hands and fly together
1:25   he starts waving his hands and says bye bye

i have lots of reservations about letting little bb watch tv.
for one, my biggest concern is he will get addicted to watching tv....  won't want to talk to us.....
for the longest time, i have been quite successful.

but living with a tv monster at home proves it to be difficult.

slowly, and gradually, 
i let my guards down.

i think it's not the end of the world if little bb watch "some" tv.
the only condition is, he has to watch it together with us.
i still don't quite like the idea of letting him watch all by himself. 
i want to be able to sit next to him and chat about what we are seeing....
so there is some two way interaction....  not just one way.

from watching a few songs on youtube once a week,
it has now evolved to a few songs every night.
but there is also one condition (yes yes, a strict mom i am.... wakakakaka)
and that is provided that little bb finishes all his mum mum (meal).

we have a set "playlist"...
it always start with his all time favorite...... twinkle twinkle little star.

as soon as he finishes dinner, he will look at us with the most begging look...
then hold up his hands.... open and close his little hands as in blinking of the stars....

at 0:01, he starts to get really excited
the next second, his eyes are wide opened...  
with the utmost anticipation,
the happiest look,
the biggest grin
......  i can't describe half as good of what we see and feel from his face and happiness.
it is so pure, so innocent....
a look that we will never forget though we can't half describe...

just as much as he anticipates this moment of the night,
i am finding myself sharing the same anticipation.....
for at 1:05, that's when the three of us hold hands and fly together....

maybe watching ("some") tv isn't that horrible afterall....