Monday, April 2, 2012

zoo & ice-cream

finally back to work today
obviously i checked in physically 
but not mentally

so glad that we will have a few public holidays coming up
i desperately need rest and time to continue with tidying up the house
things from my tokyo trip are still lying around

i was asked about our family trip to singapore.....
and i was being honest,
while little bb has loads of fun,
i was exhausted and bored
(i enjoy the gang very much but just not our "travel itinerary" nor the places we went).
didn't really get to do much or see much....
imagine traveling with three kids and a bunch of indecisive men....

we did manage to see a few places
like the merlion and the singapore zoo....

at the zoo,
there were fewer animals than i had expected....
and the kids were not too excited with the animals either....

they were more keen about the ice cream than the animals....

and little bb kept checking out the ben & jerry's toy ice cream truck,
pointing at the truck,
saying "carrrr carrrr"
and refuse to leave.....
he didn't win though....  *smile*


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Sorry to hear you didn't have the kind of trip you imagined! I hope you get to have some nice and quiet days soon.

Guess I can skip the zoo then. I was thinking of perhaps visiting the bird park. Depending on how well I handle the heat.

Thanks for commenting back on the first Singapore post:)
I'll be staying there for 2 weeks. I figured that even with jet lag, I'd still have enough time to see a lot. I'm staying at some sort of club/hotel-type thing, friends of the family managed to set it up. I hear it's very nice, so thankfully I won't have to worry about finding a decent hotel.

My dad said we didn't need umbrellas, but you know how guys are haha. I'm glad you mentioned it, I'm definitely taking one with me!

I have to admit that prior to planning the trip I always thought of Singapore as a place of business and skyscrapers. A little Googling changed that completely though.

Do you think you'll ever go there again? If so I hope next time will be better!

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh yes, you are quite right about men and umbrellas! my dad is exactly like that.... refusing to bring umbrella even the weather forecast warms about heavy rain and thunder storm!

hope the weather will be nice during your visit... do check the weather forecast... and perhaps just bring a foldable umbrella.... and i think the hotel should always have umbrellas to lend...

if you ask me, i think i would be quite happy staying in a nice hotel, sitting by the pool and just chilling out in singapore. the city is quite like hong kong in a way.... and therefore to me, there wasn't a strong urge to look around the city. sounds like you have got the right kind of hotel for your stay! enjoy!