Thursday, April 5, 2012

same taste

unlike my recent trip to tokyo,
the suitcase brought to singapore was much lighter upon its return home
as compared to its departure.

with all the baby food consumed, diapers, baby liquid detergent, sterilizing utensils, etc all used up,
the suitcase back was much lighter.

nothing to bring back home,
other than a few packs of hershey's chocolate and a pack of cinnamon baking chips.
i must admit,
it's quite odd....  quite odd that these are the things one would bring back from singapore!

but they were reese's peanut butter cups!  mini ones!
and cinnamon baking chips!  cinnamon!!!  my all time favorite kind of spices!
i have not come across such baking chips in town.
when i saw them in the hershey's shop in singapore, homemade cinnamon bread was all that was in my mind!!!!

these are the combinations i thought of immediately:

cinnamon + chocolate
cinnamon + banana
cinnamon + marshmallow (marshmallow for bread?!  why not?!)

when we returned home last week,
i tried the first combo....  cinnamon + chocolate bread....
yum yum....

and while i was trying to take some nice pictures of the chips 
and placing them in the nice latte bowls and wooden spoon i brought back from tokyo (the bowls from a previous trip).....

...... here came little bb!

seems like he likes the latte bowls and wooden spoon and of course the chips as much as i do,
as he just wouldn't stop playing with them.

he scooped the chips with the wooden spoon from one bowl to another.... non stop....
he picked up the chips one by one, as if counting them.....

watching him, i realized he has, again, grown a bit.
his little hands are now so much more mobile and can manage to pick up small items very well....
and that he can manage the scooping action quite well too....

just as i was amazed with all these,
he starting putting the chips into his mouth one by one......

glad that he likes the taste of cinnamon....
as cinnamon is that kind of food that one either loves or hates....
he shares the same taste as me, at least for this one little thing!

oh, and of course his likes of my latte bowls!

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