Sunday, April 8, 2012

one adventurous easter sunday

first, a 5m tall iron man figure
then, captain america, thor, hulk....
followed by a tall walking easter bunny
finished off with a clown with shocking pink bombshell hair

all in one day

no wonder little bb was totally crazy and wild today....

we are exhausted from shepherding little bb....


i am very happy with my shopping yesterday *smile*
and couldn't wait to put on some of them

a pleated one piece in beige and pastel pink
a paris-themed scarf in cream and pastel pink
a pair of oxford shoes in light beige

i think little bb likes my one piece too...


since our singapore trip,
little bb has developed this strong urge to push his own stroller
all by himself.
as soon as he spotted our hands near the stroller,
he will push off our hands
and speak to us in a language that only E.T. and aliens can understand...

we are very pleased with this new behaviour,
we can now walk with free hands!

and we are even more pleased when he has to push the stroller up slightly slanted streets....
it means the energy of our little energizer bunny can be drained up quicker!


and this is by far the cutest easter bunny i have ever met


BetBet said...

Very nice one piece !

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks bet bet ^_^