Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the haircuts

to date,
little bb has his hair cut professionally twice.
(and cut by THE *in-house hair-stylist*, aka *mama*, on many occasions)

the first professional haircut took place last december.
we were going to get a freebie from my hairdresser that day.
but we could not get hold of him,
so we ended up bringing little bb to the hair salon
which does a baby's first haircut along with a souvenir frame containing a certificate
and the a lock of baby's hair.

little bb sit on my nap while he has his haircut.
a pile of children's books were given to him to keep him still.....
i must say little bb was pretty good as he did stay still till the very last few cuts.....

i do find the certificate and lock of his hair in the frame very cute....

the second professional haircut took place last friday,
upon our return from singapore.
this round,
we managed to book my hairdresser and got a free cut....

no children's books this time,
but i did bring along a few of his toy cars to keep him busy.

must be because he is older now and more curious than ever about what's happening.
it was more difficult to keep him still this round.

i ended up having to carry him while he has his haircut.

both times,
the hairdressers said longer hair suits little bb's chubby face better....
i actually want his hair to be shorter for a change.....

yesterday, i tried to trim a bit more....
but little bb moved around too much and too quickly....

i guess i can only cut one lock at a time!

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