Saturday, April 28, 2012


today is the first time i went out the whole afternoon in the past three weeks.

the scabs on my face are finally gone.  
and approved by my doctor, i can put on light make up to cover the marks.
i tried it today, unfortunately, the make up doesn't help a lot.
the marks are still visible.

families and friends have told me i will be fine.
the marks will fade over time.

that i understand, it will take time.
but the worse part is the pits.

there are at least 5 pits on my face.  
all fully visible.  make up didn't help.

apart from the cream and serum recommended by the doctor,
i don't know what else i can do with the pits.
and i know that even with the cream and serum,
the pits won't go away fully.

the first week of chicken pox was totally miserable,
i was in pain, not so much itchiness actually,
couldn't walk straight, couldn't talk cuz they were in my throat,
totally miserable with what i see in the mirror.
i ate nothing but congee.

the second week was equally painful,
as apparently the virus has caused nerve inflammation.
fever came and left a few times.
couldn't sleep at night.
when the chicken pox started to dry,
the scabs made it painful for me to lie on my back in bed.
i tried to think of everything else but the pain, to do things to keep myself busy when i have the energy.

this is the third week,
medication eased the nerve inflammation but it made me extremely drowsy and dizzy.
most of the scabs have fallen off.
leaving a lot of marks and pits all over.

i don't know how i got the chicken pox.
but it doesn't matter anymore
it is what it is.

i would like to think of the past three weeks as a detox program.
no coffee, no junk food, no french fries
just congee, water, fruits and chinese drinks.
well, maybe it sounds to good to name it as a detox program.
i am still quite miserable despite of trying to think positive.

last friday, my appetite came back a bit
and i had a salad of tomato and cucumber with japanese seaweed
to go with ume soba cooked with okra
for lunch.
two dear friends came over at night,
and i had the biggest dinner in the past three weeks.

i would like to stick with a healthy diet....
as much as i could......
if it helps with my health going forward.

i am very very thankful to somotu
for being there and making me laugh.

to my mother and father
for coming over, bringing things to me
for baby sitting little bb.

to little bb, brownie and sugar,
for when i see them,
i smile.


© Annie W.-T. said...

Wow you have chicken pox. It is quite hard to have chicken pox when you are an adult. It is unavoidable. Maybe it is the trip to Japan someone had it but didn't realize it.

Do take it easy. Sending you positive thoughts and soon it will be over.

Annie (NJ)

chicsochic said...

Dear, i send you all my best wishes for your fast recovering. And many hugs too. xoxo

aileen ♥ motu said...

many many thanks dear annie and pascale.

it's tough to have it when all grown up. little bb has his vaccination but dr said it is not 100% immune. we thought maybe it is better for him to have it when he is young... he has had fever and sore throat... not chicken pox ... yet

sabe said...

Don't worry motu!!!!! You'll be fine. You just need a bit of time to let the scars fade. Hang in there!!!

aileen ♥ motu said...

sabe, i hope both of us will "heal" soon!!!! xoxoxoxo

ashlee 魚 said... sorry to hear that...
i had "生 蛇" back in this March.. and the scar stayed in my forehead near the hair margin now... :(

so take care, as 生蛇 is the residual of the chicken pox viruses hidden in the nerves system(and cannot be get rid of), it will come when your immune system is down....

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh dear..... thanks for sharing... i guess you are quite busy with your flower/wedding work ... please take care of yourself and try not to tire yourself....

can you hide the scar with bangs?

i went to see a dermatologist today and was told that the marks will fade over time but she is skeptical about the holes.... :(

ashlee 魚 said...

the problem is I was not feeling tired and stressful by that time... so I guess it just comes whenever it likes....sigh

anyway, yes, the wound was very deep... deep as now it is sunken into the surface skin... lucky the size is not that big, and ppl thought I just hit my head by a very sharp thing......... @@!

you are having them on the cheeks ?

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh i see..... then it sounds like nothing can be done to prevent it!!!! sounds really scary! and i think i am at high risk!!!

can u hide it with your bangs? as for me, i have quite a few marks on my entire face. but the worse part is the depressed scars. i have 5 to 6 of them. the biggest one is right above my mouth... very visible!!! dermatologist said that one is tricky.... maybe not be able to recover. :(