Thursday, March 1, 2012

our little energizer

looking at little bb
and looking at our friends' daughters

we have to face it
raising a boy takes about 100000 times more the energy than raising a girl

the more mobile he gets
the more physically drained we are
and of course
the more fun and laughter for us all

they just have an universe of energy and strength!
(and that includes brownie)

here comes the piggy mouth.....

***** aarrgggggg with all my strength, i will get this job done!!****
(oh no, you sounded like our chief executive!!)

as little bb is becoming more and more active
the harder it is to put him to sleep

recently i have *created* a *quiet time* for us all
soon after dinner is over
quiet time is up.

everyone needs to wind down in the house,
i will change his diapers then help him change into his pajamas.
followed by bed time reading on our bed.

the strategy is
to only read books about *sleep*, *goodnight*, *moon*, *quiet*
i will use a very soft tone in reading the books to him.
and keep repeating the key words 
*sleep*, *tired*, 
make sounds of *zzzzzzz*

of all the books, his favorite is
*goodnight moon* by margaret wise brown

as soon as he sees me with this book in my hand
he will stop whatever he is doing, 
stand up on our bed
and walk wobbly towards me,
and sit right between my knees
so as to be ready for me to hold the book 
and read to him.

he likes pointing at the red balloon in the book
and says "balll ballll",
he turns the pages for me,
he points at the moon and says "moooooooo"

for me,
it not so much about putting him to sleep with this book
but to have him come wobbly to me, turnaround and sit down right between my knees....
i think it's the cutest thing *smile*

and yes,
i do think he is our little energizer bunny at home....


Irene said...

Hi! I came by your blog today for the first time. I like the clean, fresh look and your warm writing. Your baby is lovely! May I ask you what race your doggie is? He is so cute! Be happy and blessed. Happy March.

Irene said...

P.S. My blog is at, should you wish to stop by!

aileen ♥ motu said...

hi irene,
thanks for stopping by ^_^
my doggie brownie is a toy poodle in a color they called apricot. i actually have one more toy poodle and her name is sugar. she is in a darker shade of brown.
thanks for your compliments ^_^

sabe said...

so cute!!!!!! at least he's helping you to vacuum!!!!!!! save some time for housework!

aileen ♥ motu said...

i should send him over to your place to do your housework as well! so maybe he can go to bed earlier being tired!