Friday, March 30, 2012

men of my life

so we have our first family trip!

we are both excited but at the same time nervous
as it is our first time traveling with little bb
and of course, 
it's little bb's first time traveling as well!

we had wanted to travel with little bb since last year.
but one thing after another,
we just never got the chance.

this round, we decided to make it.  timing was right too because our nanny needs to go back home for his son's graduation for a week.  and secretly, i think this is the best timing.....  because for one, i wouldn't have to do all the household chores like mopping the floor, etc for most part of the week!  hahahaha....

it was a trip of a life time!
little bb was very very excited....
in fact he was a bit *hyperactive* 
which means somotu and i were overly exhausted.

it it a whole new experience for little bb
being in a different place,
seeing different people, faces and things....
i can understand why he is so excited and thrilled.

and especially when there are two other loving and active kids traveling together.
both kids love little bb so much that they would kiss and hug little bb non-stop.
they would tell their mama that "i want to take little bb home"
they would tell their mama that "i want little bb"

there is so much to write down about this trip
so that i could read about them in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years......

but so much for now
as there is so much to do when nanny is not around... 

but once again,
though it is super tiring (and with a broken back and ached arms),
i had a sweet and warm time with the two most important men of my life.

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