Monday, March 19, 2012


little bb hasn't forgotten about me...
i returned home last night after my little getaway trip with the girls.

when i arrived home,
he was fast asleep already.
all i could do was kiss his cheeks and munch his little toes....

i was lying next to him when he woke up this morning.
somotu asked him about mommy....
and next thing i knew,
he crawled over to me and sit in between my knees....
my heart melted.

it turned out that i couldn't have too much time alone with him today
(though i took the day off so that i could be with him the whole day).
early in the morning, we had to go for a pre-nursery interview for little bb.
when we returned home,
we played a little,
i showed him a couple of little things i got him from tokyo,
giggled a little.
he then fell asleep in my arms.

not long, i had to attend a work related meeting...
one that couldn't be rescheduled.

after the meeting, i waited for somotu to get off from work
and we headed back home together.

then it was the moment i was looking forward to the whole day....
playroom time with little bb!

as somotu is the one who gets off from work earlier than me,
he gets to take little bb to have fun at the playroom in our complex everyday.

i have heard about all the kids, babies that little bb gets to meet and play with.
today, i got the chance to meet them myself!

there weren't too many of them this afternoon,
not sure if it's because it's only monday.
anyway, i still got to meet four of them.
four lovely children.
we played hide and seek, catching, rolling and jumping etc.... together.

little bb is the youngest amongst them but would follow them around,
tried to do what they did, like jumping up and down etc...

it was great fun indeed!!!!!  i felt 10 years younger!  hohohoho
perhaps i should try to do this once a week to stay young!

tomorrow, i will head back to work again....
it won't be long until the next trip!

this time,
a family vacation!!!
our first family getaway!!!!

while i was in tokyo,
we did facetime twice a day....
once in the morning and once at night.
sometimes little bb would be active and playful.
sometimes he would be quiet and not interested....

this is one where he was talkative and playful...

i love his baby talk.....
" (#@*$&(*$%&($*&%(*$lalahhasasd($*#$&#$%^(@*#&$ "

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