Friday, March 2, 2012

bread factory

there are different kinds of buffet in town

if there was to have one with just bread
different kinds of bread
(coffee is a must)
i will be the first one to line up!

i love bread!
me me the bread monster!

these days,
i am busy playing and messing around with the bread making machine

so far, i have made
wheat plus rye
white plus rye
white plus rye with chocolate bits
white with yoghurt

this one is white plus rye with ovaltine 
no, this isn't in any of the recipes.
but i love ovaltine (and horlicks too)
and i thought why not add them to bread!
i added around 1/2 cup of ovaltine (powder) 
but i think i can add more as the taste is not as strong as i would like it to be.

this one is white plus rye with loads of cheese!
the darker bits are the melted cheese!

i want to try to make bread with
.... green tea
.... honey
.... cinnamon (i lovveeeeee cinnamon!)
.... cinnamon with chocolate bits
.... vanilla beans
.... banana
.... onion and cheese
.... milo 
.... horlicks

i just love making my own bread!
so many possibilities
all up to my own delight!

soon, our kitchen will turn into a bread factory....

although the taste is ok (at least they are edible to my standard ^_^)
i still need to work on the texture.
they are still a bit too moist and muffin-like.


sabe said...

i love my bread man!

aileen ♥ motu said...

... and he is just not any kind of bread ma... he is the square toast type... very *square*