Saturday, March 31, 2012

last day of my break

today i tried to stay in bed with little bb as long as i could
because i am still extremely tired from the trip and everything else....

but obviously little bb didn't want to...
too boring on the bed for him....

i could only keep him on our bed till around 10:30am
during which i was on and off resting and half asleep.

as soon as we got off bed,
our busy day began.

i needed to mop the floor,
continue with the laundry of our smelly clothes from the trip,
fix the bed,
feed little bb breakfast,
take down the dried clothes,
continue with tidying up of the house 
(my stuff from the tokyo trip is still lying around the house!!!)....

thanks to somotu for getting up earlier to prepare little bb's lunch before he got off to work.
all i needed to do was reheat the congee.

then somotu came home earlier to drive us to my hairdresser
as he said he would give a freebie to little bb!

so today,
little bb has his second professionally done haircut!
and same as the first time,
the hairdresser said longer hair suits him better given his round round face!

i was expecting a shorter haircut so that people would stop mistaking him as a girl....
it's still quite long after the haircut.
oh well, i am thinking of trimming his bangs and sides a bit more....

then we headed off to his doctor
as he has some heat rash on his back...
probably due to the weather of singapore.

it's a very funny scene and thought....
the last time we brought him to his doctor,
he was not able to walk by himself.....
this time, we went in to the doctor's room hand in hand.....
and came out hand in hand....

the day was then wrapped up with:
* getting coffee from my favorite place
* grocery shopping together with little bb
* little bb running wild in the mall
* went home and continue to run wild in the playroom with other kids
* bath time
* meal time
* play time (while i did the dishes, continue with the laundry etc)

it's now midnight.....
i can finally sit down...........

today is the last day of my break.
our nanny will be back home tomorrow,
and i will return to work next week....

i will be missing all the fun and quality times spent with little bb during this break....

the good thing is,
another short break will be coming up soon....
easter it is!

Friday, March 30, 2012

men of my life

so we have our first family trip!

we are both excited but at the same time nervous
as it is our first time traveling with little bb
and of course, 
it's little bb's first time traveling as well!

we had wanted to travel with little bb since last year.
but one thing after another,
we just never got the chance.

this round, we decided to make it.  timing was right too because our nanny needs to go back home for his son's graduation for a week.  and secretly, i think this is the best timing.....  because for one, i wouldn't have to do all the household chores like mopping the floor, etc for most part of the week!  hahahaha....

it was a trip of a life time!
little bb was very very excited....
in fact he was a bit *hyperactive* 
which means somotu and i were overly exhausted.

it it a whole new experience for little bb
being in a different place,
seeing different people, faces and things....
i can understand why he is so excited and thrilled.

and especially when there are two other loving and active kids traveling together.
both kids love little bb so much that they would kiss and hug little bb non-stop.
they would tell their mama that "i want to take little bb home"
they would tell their mama that "i want little bb"

there is so much to write down about this trip
so that i could read about them in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years......

but so much for now
as there is so much to do when nanny is not around... 

but once again,
though it is super tiring (and with a broken back and ached arms),
i had a sweet and warm time with the two most important men of my life.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back home!!!

From Singapore.....

Friday, March 23, 2012

prairie @ jiyugaoka

found this shop during the trip

a sweet little shop filled with vintage and cute zakka

i was lost in the piles of treasures in the shop

there were plenty of vintage tableware and cookware 
in the most lovely shades of pastel pink, baby blue, pastel green and pale yellow.
there were sets of tea cups and saucers which i would die for.
there were vintage baby cloth hangers that i couldn't stop admiring.
there were vintage postcards, posters that would add color and warmth to little bb's room.
there were rolls of vintage dolls and figurines which remind me of my childhood years.

in the end,
i couldn't resist the temptation
and brought this pyrex home.
i would love to bring her friend home as well.... her friend in pastel pink....
they would look so nice hand in hand...
but i could only choose one, they are too costly!

the girls asked me what am i going to do with it
what am i going to cook.

well, given i am a bad cook
and that this little darling costed me a fortune,
i can only think of one thing / usage of it.....

to hold the equally costly japanese strawberries the girls got
from the classy japanese department store.....


Thursday, March 22, 2012


@ jiyugaoka

@ harajuku

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

dreaming on cotton candy

just as i was dreaming of being able to wake up to this dreamy scenery every morning
i found myself in such scenery twice last week.....

i felt like 
i was floating on a gigantic piece of cotton candy

i was about to see angels

i was lifted to heaven

upon my return flight
i saw 20, 30 stars 
each one taking their turn to wink at me.

20 ~ 30 stars!!!!
never would i be able to see so many stars at the same time in the city.

i wish little bb was with me when i saw the stars....
he would be thrilled!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bits of this and that

what have i brought back from tokyo?
the first thing that came into my mind
these items:

spoons, forks, butter spread
in different materials, wooden and porcelain enamel
in different sizes, ranging from mini ones to normal sized ones
from different shops....

i must admit i got too many of them.
but it's just that the ones i happened to see next seemed to be a little bit cuter, a little bit nicer than the ones i just got!
and that's how i ended up with just a little too many of them.
but i am sure i will have good use of them.

an item which i don't use to shop around for is cookie cutter.
but ever since i started making pancakes for little bb,
i fell for cookie cutters.
i love cutting different shapes from the pancakes i make for him.
this round, 
i got a car (he loves cars....),
a teddy bear,
a birdie (when he hears the word *birdie*, he will put up his hands and fly fly fly),
and an eiffel tower (ah-hem.......  yes this one is more for myself....)

Monday, March 19, 2012


little bb hasn't forgotten about me...
i returned home last night after my little getaway trip with the girls.

when i arrived home,
he was fast asleep already.
all i could do was kiss his cheeks and munch his little toes....

i was lying next to him when he woke up this morning.
somotu asked him about mommy....
and next thing i knew,
he crawled over to me and sit in between my knees....
my heart melted.

it turned out that i couldn't have too much time alone with him today
(though i took the day off so that i could be with him the whole day).
early in the morning, we had to go for a pre-nursery interview for little bb.
when we returned home,
we played a little,
i showed him a couple of little things i got him from tokyo,
giggled a little.
he then fell asleep in my arms.

not long, i had to attend a work related meeting...
one that couldn't be rescheduled.

after the meeting, i waited for somotu to get off from work
and we headed back home together.

then it was the moment i was looking forward to the whole day....
playroom time with little bb!

as somotu is the one who gets off from work earlier than me,
he gets to take little bb to have fun at the playroom in our complex everyday.

i have heard about all the kids, babies that little bb gets to meet and play with.
today, i got the chance to meet them myself!

there weren't too many of them this afternoon,
not sure if it's because it's only monday.
anyway, i still got to meet four of them.
four lovely children.
we played hide and seek, catching, rolling and jumping etc.... together.

little bb is the youngest amongst them but would follow them around,
tried to do what they did, like jumping up and down etc...

it was great fun indeed!!!!!  i felt 10 years younger!  hohohoho
perhaps i should try to do this once a week to stay young!

tomorrow, i will head back to work again....
it won't be long until the next trip!

this time,
a family vacation!!!
our first family getaway!!!!

while i was in tokyo,
we did facetime twice a day....
once in the morning and once at night.
sometimes little bb would be active and playful.
sometimes he would be quiet and not interested....

this is one where he was talkative and playful...

i love his baby talk.....
" (#@*$&(*$%&($*&%(*$lalahhasasd($*#$&#$%^(@*#&$ "

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

good morning

from tokyo!

it is cold over here!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

have a good day!

good morning from the little pancake man!
he has such a pleasant and smiley face!!

so this past sunday,
these were little bb's breakfast:
homemade pancake plus homemade banana bread

extras for mama:
fat free cream cheese and orange ginger jam!

rushed home from work tonight
to try making chocolate banana bread for little bb,
something for him when i take off tomorrow......

Sunday, March 11, 2012

this little piggy

here comes the piggy mouth
i don't know where he picked it up.....
but he has been making piggy mouth
since couple months old.

the piggy mouth is there
when he is reading books,
playing with his cars,
looking at the cars going by on the street,
begging for "bau bau" as in bread,
begging for forgiveness when he knows he is in trouble,
etc etc.....

and this morning,
i saw the 10th tooth trying to make its entrance
on the upper right jaw!

...... and
i am beginning to miss little bb.....

some of my friends keep telling me they bet i will cut short my trip due to serious little-bb-sick....

will see....

the only problem will be can i find a seat flying back earlier?!!!  

Saturday, March 10, 2012


how lucky for me to be able to come across these vintage lace on bolts
and samples with the labels still on....

so beautiful
so delicate

Friday, March 9, 2012

this little body ♪

little bb can now open and close his little hands when we sing his favorite song,

twinkle twinkle little star, as if the stars are blinking

he tried to make sounds of the alphabets today: aaa as in A, baaa as in B, ca as in C, doog as in D, and so on and so forth

he can now *drive* properly, that is, he can go forward and backward, steering the wheels while driving his cars by moving his little feet...  last night, while i was *driving* one of his cars in front of him, he was able to change the direction of his car by moving backwards, turning etc

he can say *gor gor* (as in older brother) and *jei jei* (as in older sister), and point at the boys and girls in the playroom, distinguishing (most of the time!) boys from girls

 sometimes, he babbles alot and points at the words in his story books.  i think he is trying to do what i always do, that is reading stories 

i love listening to his giggles, high pitched ones.....  as i know before i knew it, his voice will change into a deep boyish one.

i love listening to his story telling....  all the "eeee rrrrr  ooooo kkaaaaaa" which i don't have a clue of what they mean are the most wonderful sounds.

i love watching him playing with brownie and sugar....  though i have to keep reminding him to be gentle with them.

he has so many different facial expressions that sometimes, it is really difficult to be mad at him for more than 2 seconds.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


images from some old issues of magazines

dreaming of 
~ waking up to this breathtaking scene every morning
~ having this nice little white table and white wooden floor
~ having the time to make this together for little bb (probably can't make it together....  yet... hohoho)


the girl of my dream
how lucky to have you next to me.....  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

♥, still

just because i haven't got the time to hold you in my hands and admire you
doesn't mean i don't care about you anymore

at the odd hours when i am free,
here i come
i still love you all

just when i was drooling all over these lip balms
one came to my possession the other day....