Wednesday, February 22, 2012

then and now

have been to two weddings in a roll recently
a lot of thoughts ran through my mind

i thought of my own
digged out the photo albums
flipped through pages after pages
we were so much younger and slimmer (!)

i see
one smiley face after another
one familiar face after another
there is one dearest-est-est...... 

i always think of what it would be like if you were still here to see your great grandson
how you will be spoiling him
how you will be telling me that he is such a good boy
the stories you will be telling him
tips you will be sharing with me on caring little bb
how you will let him sit and nap against your tummy
how happy it will be to go out for dim sum lunches on the weekends

i don't say it out loud anymore
but i still miss you dearly, very very dearly


at least,
you were there to share one of the biggest moments in my life
that i am very very grateful and blessed

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