Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the reading corner

i got these two bookstands last year
but couldn't find the right spot for them.

last week, 
i decided to let them start performing their duty 
on the window bay.

not the ideal spot, 
as i couldn't fit in all the books of little bb
but i think i should settle with this for now
as i really want a place where little bb can reach out and pick the books to his delight.

what i have in mind is the spot next to our dining table...
i have been eyeing the spot for awhile
i would love to have a bookshelf like this (or maybe add a toy storage like this)
but i need to get the buy in from somotu... to take the spot only...
i am sure i will not be allowed to get the exact bookshelf and toy storage!
wish me luck!


joanna said...

i think i have seen a similar toy storage in the toyshop in hopewell (where i used to get the toy kitchen for san).

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh really!!! let's go take a look during lunch then!