Monday, February 20, 2012

lost and found

things have not been smooth at work
there have been far more frustrating moments than i would like

but i guess what's there to complain and unhappy about
when i still have a job under the current market conditions?

weekends are times that i look forward to
as i can be away from work
and spend time with those i care the most...
(though sometimes there are far too many extended family obligations... hahaha)

anyway, i was glad i have some good times with somotu and little bb.
on sunday, we met up with somotu's friend and family at the 
west kowloon waterfront promenade

it was an spontaneous, last minute thing....
somotu's brother and girlfriend also came along...

i have heard alot about this place 
but it was my first time being there.

i like the place,
a child and family friendly place where little bb can roam freely

we will definitely go back.

and so that's our sunday afternoon.

on saturday afternoon,
a dear friend was back in town for the weekend.
so the girls met up and had a little *adventure* along the soho area.

then we stumbled across this shop.
i promised myself that i would never step into this shop again
(due to some unpleasant shopping experience at their second store awhile ago),
but the window display was tooooo cute
and that i haven't been to the main store before (excuses excuses!)

so with the approval of the girls,
we went in....
and oh yeah,
i dropped some $$$ there....

the greatest finding of our adventure was a shop called mushroom.

i have wanted to find this zakka shop for a long time but never managed to have the luxury of time.

just as we were wandering along the streets, i spotted the shop!
the gang rushed in and oh my!
i fell in love with everything inside!!!!!!!!
i am definitely going back for some crazy shopping!



girl friends never fail to cheer up a lost and down soul....


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