Monday, February 13, 2012

a little dilemma

i bought the two CDs released recently
they documented 100 songs with lyrics by wyman

a lot of memories were brought back while i listen to the songs
some songs are more recent
while some are from quite awhile ago

these songs have accompanied me throughout the past 10+ (at least) years
they have witnessed different stages of my life

one of the songs which really touched and moved me is




編曲:唐奕聰, Davy Chan, C Y Kong

對焦 她的愛 對慢了 愛人會失去可愛
記低 這感慨 世事變 有沒有將你淹蓋

只一格 經典的偶遇已 不再 儘量框住目前大概

留住 溫度 速度 溫柔和憤怒 凝住 今日 怎樣 好
捉緊 生命濃度 坦白流露 感情和態度
留下 浮光 掠影 飛舞

每張 都罕有 拍下過 記住過 好過擁有 光圈愛漫遊
眼睛等色誘 有人性 鏡頭裡總有豐收

雖則那 即影即有售罄 菲林都已拆走 但是衝動用完 又再有

留住 溫度 速度 溫柔和憤怒 凝住 今日 怎樣 好
捉緊 生命濃度 坦白流露 感情和態度
停下時光 靜止衰老

登高峯一秒 得獎一秒 再破紀錄的一秒
港灣晚燈 山頂破曉 摘下懷念 記住美妙
升職那刻 新婚那朝 成為父母的一秒
要拍照的事 可不少

音樂 話劇 詩詞和舞蹈 揉合 生命 千樣好 攝入相部
絢爛如電 虛幻如霧 哀愁和仰慕
遊樂人間 活得好 談何容易
拍着照片 一路同步 坦白流露 感情和態度
其實 人生並非虛耗

it talks about how people of this era loves to capture life's every little and big moments in photos.....

and the phrase that touches me the most is
升職那刻 新婚那朝 成為父母的一秒 
要拍照的事 可不少
.... the moment you got a promotion at work, the morning of your wedding day, the second you became parent....

a lot of images flash in my head.....

sometimes, i am reluctant to take pictures because
i feel like i should be IN the moment, BE the moment, ENJOY the moment, TREASURE the moment through my own eyes;
rather than seeing and viewing through the camera.

if i am shooting with my camera, there are other things i need to think about, like whether it is bright enough, whether the angle is right, whether i capture all the things i want, etc.  i think i will be diverted and not able to feel the moment ....

but then, sometimes,
i am afraid that i will not be able to remember all the moments, the details, the setting, the smile on the face, etc if i don't capture them in a photo....

a little dilemma of mine

wouldn't it be great if there is an intelligent nano camera built in my head 
and it knows when i want to capture the moment?

here are some special moments 
captured by somotu, not me!
so i was able to enjoy the moment *smile*

these were taken that day


and this was taken last saturday....
i was reading from the bible for the wedding of somotu's brother
(i was paranoid about this moment for the entire week....  i am not a public speaker.... i get red monkey face....  more about this later)

and i guess this little dilemma of mine will continue......

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