Tuesday, February 28, 2012

our weekend

last sat:
* attended two playgroups in a roll
* celebrated my godson's birthday party
* shopping and dinner with little bb's godmother

last sun:
* lunch with my family
* had fun at the road safety carnival with somotu's friend and family
* grocery shopping with little bb pushing the shopping cart
* visit by somotu's family

then came monday....
extremely exhausted

little bb having fun at my godson's birthday party
him riding the police's motorcycle
and him pushing the mini shopping cart
are still vivid in my mind

glad he had fun!

and yes last friday,
i dashed to causeway bay to check out the moleskine 
created by sweet arsa for us.....
it was the *make it yours* event
*thank you so much again*
i am not very good with words
but i still managed to write something for little bb,
thank you so much for incorporating the words i want to say to little bb 
into the sweet sweet version for us!


sabe said...

i love my bread man godson!!!!!!

aileen ♥ motu said...

and KJ loves KM too!!!! xoxoxoxo