Wednesday, February 29, 2012

100+ lbs of ♥ & work

there are always sections about 
"what's inside your bag?"
in magazines

it's really none of my business
but i am always curious 
i am always wondering whether others have just as many things as i do in my bag?
are their bags just as heavy?

so these are the stuff inside my *weekday* bag

the difference between my *weekday* bag and *weekend* bag
is the presence / absence of my blackberry and access card
i think they add about 100 lbs to my bag
(breakdown of the 100 lbs: 
0.5 lbs from the physical presence of them 
the rest are the conceptual presence of them, i.e. the work they bring and
the constant and mind bothering pressure of having to check emails every now and then)

other things are:
* wallet
* mini pouch
* keys
* iphone
* card holder for all the discount cards for books, crafts, baby stuff, etc etc
* mini moleskine 

the mini moleskine is becoming more and more like my other brain
as i am getting more and more forgetful these days
i write and draw down things i need to do
things i want to do
things i need to get for little bb
recipes, etc etc

and inside the mini pouch
are another bunch of stuff.
some are more important and essential than others.
the not so important stuff are the lipstick, the handcream, the mirror, the tiny hanger.  i hardly use them.
the important stuff are packs of splenda, lip moisturizer, and earphones.
i can't live without splenda.
i add it to my coffee, to my oatmeal breakfast, on strawberries, raspberries, to everything.... 
friends would sometimes stuff them into my bag after visits to places like starbucks!  
please don't report us to the police, we consider paying a premium for the coffee covers the packs of splenda too!
my lips are always cracked...  so i need the lip moisturizer more than lip colors.
earphones!  the songs in my iphone soothe and relax my days.

my iphone latest outfit which i love very much.
this is the second of the same outfit.
the first one was broken in less than a day.
needless to say i was very upset as i like little twin stars and this particular design very much.
then somotu got me a second one as valentine's day present....
and......  same destiny,
the phone fell down and the case was broken at the same place as the first one.
i think i don't have the luck to give the same case a 3rd chance....
so i am sticking with it, cracked.

key holder from dear joanna!

looking at these pictures,
i see !
 in packs of splenda from friends who risk being put into jail!
 in the key holder
 in the cracked iphone case

with all the   and work
no wonder my bag is always so heavy

these are not real polaroids,
they are instagram 
with multiple layerings

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