Thursday, February 23, 2012

0 to 100

i heard that humidity is 100% today

surely it feels very humid, sticky and heavy today
but what does 100% mean?
100% = everything turns into water or liquid?

just as i was looking at our wedding pictures last night,
i realized that some of the pictures have clinged onto the plastic sleeve too well....

before the photos become forever plastic-turized
i better scanned the ones i like

of the many many hundreds of photos
i only like very very few of them

here are two of them

in the rest,
my face was either too big
i opened my mouth too wide
etc etc etc

i like these two because
i can't see myself too clearly
so everything is up to my imagination

100% humidity
0% visibility


joanna said...

you are beautiful there and whenever! ^__^

sabe said...

you're still slim now!!!!!!