Wednesday, February 29, 2012

100+ lbs of ♥ & work

there are always sections about 
"what's inside your bag?"
in magazines

it's really none of my business
but i am always curious 
i am always wondering whether others have just as many things as i do in my bag?
are their bags just as heavy?

so these are the stuff inside my *weekday* bag

the difference between my *weekday* bag and *weekend* bag
is the presence / absence of my blackberry and access card
i think they add about 100 lbs to my bag
(breakdown of the 100 lbs: 
0.5 lbs from the physical presence of them 
the rest are the conceptual presence of them, i.e. the work they bring and
the constant and mind bothering pressure of having to check emails every now and then)

other things are:
* wallet
* mini pouch
* keys
* iphone
* card holder for all the discount cards for books, crafts, baby stuff, etc etc
* mini moleskine 

the mini moleskine is becoming more and more like my other brain
as i am getting more and more forgetful these days
i write and draw down things i need to do
things i want to do
things i need to get for little bb
recipes, etc etc

and inside the mini pouch
are another bunch of stuff.
some are more important and essential than others.
the not so important stuff are the lipstick, the handcream, the mirror, the tiny hanger.  i hardly use them.
the important stuff are packs of splenda, lip moisturizer, and earphones.
i can't live without splenda.
i add it to my coffee, to my oatmeal breakfast, on strawberries, raspberries, to everything.... 
friends would sometimes stuff them into my bag after visits to places like starbucks!  
please don't report us to the police, we consider paying a premium for the coffee covers the packs of splenda too!
my lips are always cracked...  so i need the lip moisturizer more than lip colors.
earphones!  the songs in my iphone soothe and relax my days.

my iphone latest outfit which i love very much.
this is the second of the same outfit.
the first one was broken in less than a day.
needless to say i was very upset as i like little twin stars and this particular design very much.
then somotu got me a second one as valentine's day present....
and......  same destiny,
the phone fell down and the case was broken at the same place as the first one.
i think i don't have the luck to give the same case a 3rd chance....
so i am sticking with it, cracked.

key holder from dear joanna!

looking at these pictures,
i see !
 in packs of splenda from friends who risk being put into jail!
 in the key holder
 in the cracked iphone case

with all the   and work
no wonder my bag is always so heavy

these are not real polaroids,
they are instagram 
with multiple layerings

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

our weekend

last sat:
* attended two playgroups in a roll
* celebrated my godson's birthday party
* shopping and dinner with little bb's godmother

last sun:
* lunch with my family
* had fun at the road safety carnival with somotu's friend and family
* grocery shopping with little bb pushing the shopping cart
* visit by somotu's family

then came monday....
extremely exhausted

little bb having fun at my godson's birthday party
him riding the police's motorcycle
and him pushing the mini shopping cart
are still vivid in my mind

glad he had fun!

and yes last friday,
i dashed to causeway bay to check out the moleskine 
created by sweet arsa for us.....
it was the *make it yours* event
*thank you so much again*
i am not very good with words
but i still managed to write something for little bb,
thank you so much for incorporating the words i want to say to little bb 
into the sweet sweet version for us!

Monday, February 27, 2012

warm current

when you are
hide and seek with the blanket
warmth flows through mama
and judging from your sweaty little hands and feet,
mama knows you are warm too *smile*

Friday, February 24, 2012


the cut-outs are super cute
and i love love love the tiny little garland

thanks so much sweetie for the thoughtful gift for little bb
and the super cute cut-outs!!!

the first drawing done by little bb with these little painting tools will be dedicated to you!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

0 to 100

i heard that humidity is 100% today

surely it feels very humid, sticky and heavy today
but what does 100% mean?
100% = everything turns into water or liquid?

just as i was looking at our wedding pictures last night,
i realized that some of the pictures have clinged onto the plastic sleeve too well....

before the photos become forever plastic-turized
i better scanned the ones i like

of the many many hundreds of photos
i only like very very few of them

here are two of them

in the rest,
my face was either too big
i opened my mouth too wide
etc etc etc

i like these two because
i can't see myself too clearly
so everything is up to my imagination

100% humidity
0% visibility

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

then and now

have been to two weddings in a roll recently
a lot of thoughts ran through my mind

i thought of my own
digged out the photo albums
flipped through pages after pages
we were so much younger and slimmer (!)

i see
one smiley face after another
one familiar face after another
there is one dearest-est-est...... 

i always think of what it would be like if you were still here to see your great grandson
how you will be spoiling him
how you will be telling me that he is such a good boy
the stories you will be telling him
tips you will be sharing with me on caring little bb
how you will let him sit and nap against your tummy
how happy it will be to go out for dim sum lunches on the weekends

i don't say it out loud anymore
but i still miss you dearly, very very dearly


at least,
you were there to share one of the biggest moments in my life
that i am very very grateful and blessed

Monday, February 20, 2012

lost and found

things have not been smooth at work
there have been far more frustrating moments than i would like

but i guess what's there to complain and unhappy about
when i still have a job under the current market conditions?

weekends are times that i look forward to
as i can be away from work
and spend time with those i care the most...
(though sometimes there are far too many extended family obligations... hahaha)

anyway, i was glad i have some good times with somotu and little bb.
on sunday, we met up with somotu's friend and family at the 
west kowloon waterfront promenade

it was an spontaneous, last minute thing....
somotu's brother and girlfriend also came along...

i have heard alot about this place 
but it was my first time being there.

i like the place,
a child and family friendly place where little bb can roam freely

we will definitely go back.

and so that's our sunday afternoon.

on saturday afternoon,
a dear friend was back in town for the weekend.
so the girls met up and had a little *adventure* along the soho area.

then we stumbled across this shop.
i promised myself that i would never step into this shop again
(due to some unpleasant shopping experience at their second store awhile ago),
but the window display was tooooo cute
and that i haven't been to the main store before (excuses excuses!)

so with the approval of the girls,
we went in....
and oh yeah,
i dropped some $$$ there....

the greatest finding of our adventure was a shop called mushroom.

i have wanted to find this zakka shop for a long time but never managed to have the luxury of time.

just as we were wandering along the streets, i spotted the shop!
the gang rushed in and oh my!
i fell in love with everything inside!!!!!!!!
i am definitely going back for some crazy shopping!



girl friends never fail to cheer up a lost and down soul....


Friday, February 17, 2012

his red balloon

little bb loves balloon
i guess because it is round in shape
he loves anything round
like the sun, the plate, the wooden round piece...
but balloon is definitely his favorite among all

and i can see why he loves balloon
in his eyes and to his little mind
it must be fascinating seeing the balloon flies, runs away from him, floats....

we brought home two balloons from somotu brother's wedding last saturday
one is red and one is purple

the red one runs and floats better than the purple one...
and it kept him quite busy last sunday afternoon

seeing these polaroids,
i thought of the french short film, le ballon rouge

i am giggling to myself
i have the images of little bb chasing after the red balloon,
being brought up up up to the sky by a sea of balloons....
he would be so so so happy....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

smell of danger


american vintage

are now in town!  
the attack is about to start!


my all time favorite, sacai


slowly going red

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the beginning

many many many many years ago
on this day
a girl received her first rose ever from a boy
and their story began

some years ago
on this day
the girl received a ring from the boy
and their journey began

some years ago
the girl wore this tiara on the day she exchanged vows with the boy
and they started a new chapter together

some years later
on this day
the rose is still here though wrinkled and old
the tiara is still here though broken and rusted

the boy is now a daddy
the girl is now a mommy

happy valentine's day

love is here to stay

the sweetest day


Monday, February 13, 2012

a little dilemma

i bought the two CDs released recently
they documented 100 songs with lyrics by wyman

a lot of memories were brought back while i listen to the songs
some songs are more recent
while some are from quite awhile ago

these songs have accompanied me throughout the past 10+ (at least) years
they have witnessed different stages of my life

one of the songs which really touched and moved me is




編曲:唐奕聰, Davy Chan, C Y Kong

對焦 她的愛 對慢了 愛人會失去可愛
記低 這感慨 世事變 有沒有將你淹蓋

只一格 經典的偶遇已 不再 儘量框住目前大概

留住 溫度 速度 溫柔和憤怒 凝住 今日 怎樣 好
捉緊 生命濃度 坦白流露 感情和態度
留下 浮光 掠影 飛舞

每張 都罕有 拍下過 記住過 好過擁有 光圈愛漫遊
眼睛等色誘 有人性 鏡頭裡總有豐收

雖則那 即影即有售罄 菲林都已拆走 但是衝動用完 又再有

留住 溫度 速度 溫柔和憤怒 凝住 今日 怎樣 好
捉緊 生命濃度 坦白流露 感情和態度
停下時光 靜止衰老

登高峯一秒 得獎一秒 再破紀錄的一秒
港灣晚燈 山頂破曉 摘下懷念 記住美妙
升職那刻 新婚那朝 成為父母的一秒
要拍照的事 可不少

音樂 話劇 詩詞和舞蹈 揉合 生命 千樣好 攝入相部
絢爛如電 虛幻如霧 哀愁和仰慕
遊樂人間 活得好 談何容易
拍着照片 一路同步 坦白流露 感情和態度
其實 人生並非虛耗

it talks about how people of this era loves to capture life's every little and big moments in photos.....

and the phrase that touches me the most is
升職那刻 新婚那朝 成為父母的一秒 
要拍照的事 可不少
.... the moment you got a promotion at work, the morning of your wedding day, the second you became parent....

a lot of images flash in my head.....

sometimes, i am reluctant to take pictures because
i feel like i should be IN the moment, BE the moment, ENJOY the moment, TREASURE the moment through my own eyes;
rather than seeing and viewing through the camera.

if i am shooting with my camera, there are other things i need to think about, like whether it is bright enough, whether the angle is right, whether i capture all the things i want, etc.  i think i will be diverted and not able to feel the moment ....

but then, sometimes,
i am afraid that i will not be able to remember all the moments, the details, the setting, the smile on the face, etc if i don't capture them in a photo....

a little dilemma of mine

wouldn't it be great if there is an intelligent nano camera built in my head 
and it knows when i want to capture the moment?

here are some special moments 
captured by somotu, not me!
so i was able to enjoy the moment *smile*

these were taken that day


and this was taken last saturday....
i was reading from the bible for the wedding of somotu's brother
(i was paranoid about this moment for the entire week....  i am not a public speaker.... i get red monkey face....  more about this later)

and i guess this little dilemma of mine will continue......

Friday, February 10, 2012

one starry night

little bb playing in the dark
with the starry wand i got him

these starry wands were for sale at the concert last night
for all the concerts i have went to, i have never ever got one of these wands

until last night

when i saw them,
i thought of little bb!

i knew he would love one
it's has his favorite shape!
flashy too!


still reminiscing last night's concert
especially this one

i never thought i would hear a live version, ever
thank you wyman!
if not of you, this is not possible!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

an unexpected night

what a night

i had wanted to go to his concert
and thanks to sabe 
for letting me have her ticket!

a good show!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the reading corner

i got these two bookstands last year
but couldn't find the right spot for them.

last week, 
i decided to let them start performing their duty 
on the window bay.

not the ideal spot, 
as i couldn't fit in all the books of little bb
but i think i should settle with this for now
as i really want a place where little bb can reach out and pick the books to his delight.

what i have in mind is the spot next to our dining table...
i have been eyeing the spot for awhile
i would love to have a bookshelf like this (or maybe add a toy storage like this)
but i need to get the buy in from somotu... to take the spot only...
i am sure i will not be allowed to get the exact bookshelf and toy storage!
wish me luck!