Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2011.... 2012

we have been helping little bb to burn his energy in the speed of light these couple of days...
with yesterday and today being the first two days of chinese new year,
he has been visiting homes of the grandparents, uncles and aunties, visited by godmothers.....
no time for napping in between at all!
in a way, it's good (for somotu and me) as he falls asleep right away after shower... hohoho

this is little bb's second chinese new year.
he doesn't really know what is happening.

when he was given the red "lai-see"s,
he would either turn away or throw them onto the floor.

when he saw all the candies and festive food,
he didn't go begging for them.

perhaps next year, he would know that these are "good stuff"!

just now i pulled up the photos taken last year, his first chinese new year....
boy!  he is no longer a baby now!

last year, he would hold the "lai-see" envelop i made for him
this year, he is more interested in the lens cover of my camera more than the "lai see" envelop i made.....

last year, the red bowtie i made for him was tooooo big
this year, the same red bowtie looks about just the right size

last year, he didn't have too many expressions
this year, he has way too many....

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