Thursday, January 19, 2012

sofie hasn't grown bigger but you have

this was you when you were around 6 months old

though you are just a bit more than double older now,
compared to back then,
you are a giant now

sometimes when i look at you,
i still have the thought of
"oh my, i can't believe someone like me can be a mother"

as i am sometimes careless,
sometimes forgetful
sometimes longing for freedom
sometimes childish

perhaps it is not so bad to have these "qualities"
...being careless, we can watch out for each other more
...being forgetful, i won't stay mad at your little mischievious acts for too long
...being a lover of freedom, you can sometimes have your own "space" and breathe
...being childish, we can laugh our heart out together over the smallest thing...