Monday, January 16, 2012

progress of the little polar bear

you love cars more than daddy and mommy
you say "ka" more often and correctly than saying "mama" and "papa"
any thing flat and round in shape in your hands,
will become the wheel of the car,
you will keep turning it left and right as if you are driving a car...
and you will make sounds like "voom voom voom"
"yes dear, you drive really well and fast" '... hehehe

brownie and sugar are definitely more appealing than daddy and mommy
as you can distinguish brownie and sugar more than daddy and mommy
surely, two mobile furry balls are more interesting and fun to chase after
daddy and mommy are nothing but boring feeding machines!   hohoho

when you are in for it, you will wave your hand to say bye bye
and you will blow kisses
when you are not for it, you look away and pretend you don't understand

when you first found out you can walk on two legs,
you kept walking, walking and walking as if you were training yourself to run in a marathon.
but now,
you are smart enough to know when and where you want to walk by yourself
and when and where you just want to be carried

your next favorite object to car, is ball ball....
or anything round in shape
daddy and mommy tried to show different shapes and their names to you....
but you only seem to like circles
a square is a circle
a triangle is a circle
a rectangle is a circle

you still don't like to drink water
which makes mommy really frustrated

you seem to like "reading" books
each morning, you will point your little fingers to the books' box
and say "boooo boo baaa"
mommy has no idea which book you want....
mommy will pick one book for you to acknowledge or reject
when you say "booo boo baaaa" again and point at the box again,
mommy knows mommy got it wrong....
it's a guessing game for mommy

you love hugging brownie
mommy knows you would love to hug sugar too
but sugar finds you a bit scary....
just give sugar some time.....
one day, she will either let you hug her
you will be fast enough to catch her before she runs away.

and yesterday,
for the first time
you were finally being recognized as a boy correctly

hair does make a difference...
but mommy misses your long hair look

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