Sunday, January 15, 2012


meeting up with girl friends
chatting away
shopping away
eating away
laughing away
is always heart warming

what is it like if it is all of the above
plus one more
eating away

that is
eating away one
eating away twice

gosh, it's heavenly!

last saturday
eating away one was japanese
followed by eating away twice.....
very local style fast food!

i had wanted to try out this cute little local style diner 
and finally had the chance on saturday....

the deco is  60/70's local style
lots of very old fashioned but chic little zakka here and there...

it wasn't our plan to order a table full of food
we just wanted to have drinks...
but the menu looks too good
and we couldn't stop ourselves from ordering...

clockwise from top....
* 3Q combo... mini egg tart, mini chicken pie and mini coconut tart
* egg-dipped cheese toast with scrambled eggs and ham
* the "baby" duo drink...  ovaltine mixed with horlicks topped with marshmellow
* banana pancakes topped with vanilla ice-cream

just writing about them now
makes me hungry!!!!!!

all of them were super yummy!
especially the duo drink and egg-dipped cheese toast

i felt like floating on the clouds!!!  yummy!

the diner treated us local style jello poured with condensed milk!!!!
it has been a long long time since i had this kids' food!

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